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The Phallic Files


They are here and we are tracking them. Send us pictures of your genitalia (shaped phenomenon) and we'll come out to investigate right away. 

Comedic Dismissal

These alien entities are hiding in plain sight by relying on our extinctual dismissal of images such as these. We have learned that in their language this symbol is similar to our "X", as in "X" marks the spot and that they have been using it to hide among us for millennia.


Don't Be Fooled

Don't be fooled. Follow Newsload Investigator Bryan Bakker as he learns more about these strange beings, what their doing and what they intend for our planet. 

Conspiracy Crush

Are conspiracies taking over your life or the life of someone you love? Here is a blog we've created as a resource to help. We don't fact folks over the head. That doesn't work to change minds, especially for folks who are so invested. We use logic and common sense to get them to think and at least doubt. That seed can be all it takes to begin the long journey back.

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