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The Newsload produces and promotes high quality, fun, shareable content about you or your business.

If you were to pay a production company to produce this level of content it would cost you many thousands of dollars and there would be no accompanying promotional angle. By signing up for a Newsload subscription plan, not only will you get great content, including professional photography, videos and shorts, you get third party recognition from a trusted local brand and professionally administered ad campaigns through Facebook, Instagram and Google that highlight you. 

Choose your Newsload plan

20% reinvested in your ad campaign

  • NL London Level 1

    Every month
    Annual photography visit
    • Sponsor one Non-Commercial production per month.
    • Custom optimized living blog about your organization
    • One or more monthly mentions on social media channels.
  • NL London Level 2

    Every month
    Bi-annual photography visit
    • Level one benefits PLUS
    • Sponsor three Non-Commercial productions per month.
    • Mention in Newsload newsletters
    • Three monthly posts on Newsload Social Media Channels
  • NL London Level 3

    Every month
    Annual comedy coverage
    • Level One & Two benefits PLUS
    • Logo in Newsload Newsletters
    • Custom AD in all Newsload blogs during plan
    • Custom AD on Newsload landing page
    • Weekly post on Newsload Social Media Channels
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