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Heather Pegg: Newsload BIO

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

London, Ontario based comedian/performer Heather Pegg has a long resume as the co-founder of an hilarious comedy troupe, stage and screen actor and improv performer.

Heather is a go getter and has taken on comedy and performance like a woman possessed - to making people laugh. She's a hoot to work with and we'd encourage anyone to get her involved in your special event no matter what it is.

The Newsload

Heather started with OFF THE HINGES Improv in August 2016 and Joined SHUT THE FRONT DOOR IMPROV in 2018, performing with them until 2019.

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Meanwhile her and her husband, Kevin, started THIRD WHEEL IMPROV and has been going strong ever since. Now, along with helping us out on Newsload projects,

Heather doubles as an officiant for weddings, which she absolutely loves, helping folks of any faith or background tie the knot.

If you're interested in having her officiate your wedding email her at -


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