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St. Thomas City Councilor Steve Wookey

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Watch Newsload Super Correspondent Heather Pegg, partnered with her intrepid cameraman/boytoy, Kevin Pegg, grill Wookey on how Jumbo's death is still a blight on their community, why Joe Thornton owes his financial health to him and why he loves running so much when there are easier ways to get places.

It was a fun afternoon in Pinafore park last Monday as our Newsload team met Steve Wookey in Pinafore Park St. Thomas for his debut interview on the Newsload. The Peggs were out in full force and in fine spirits. Myself and my daughter Ilea, aiding as Production Assistant, filmed and directed a lively report with a background Halloween theme.

From the left, Ilea Bakker, Kevin Pegg, Bryan Bakker, Steve Wookey and Heather Pegg during our Newsload shoot in October of 2022

Big thanks to Steve for the interview. Watch for a long interview release in the coming weeks.

Steve Wookey during his debut Newsload interview in October of 2022


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