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River Room Dining ~ Merrily, Merrily, Merrily

My River Room experience!! Booking a reservation, the review of the menu, the anticipation… it's all so exciting!

I bought a new dress for the occasion for my best friend's birthday celebration. 

Parking was convenient and easy to buy a ticket. Security was delightfully uniformed in a crisp white, pressed and strong vibe. He was just chilling, in the gorgeous spring weather, right at the vending machine. Assuring us of no break ins or nonsense.

We sat by the window, and had an absolutely beautiful view of the Thames River. It's springtime and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, magnolia trees are blossoming and everything is green and refreshing. People watching all the park goers is so fun. 

I ordered a prosecco to start and my birthday girl ordered a delicious soda pop because she's driving.  

I ordered the Lobster roll sliders and she ordered the dynamite shrimp appetizers.  I was delighted that we both ordered seafood. 

My lobster rolls came out in a beautiful toasted, thick, warm brioche bun. Very simple but the lobster was sweet and flavourful.  I was in heaven. 

The shrimp came out on those crunchy rice noodles which I have to admit,  I adore. We both were pleased by the freshness,  the large portions and the sweetness. Perfect with my prosecco. I felt like a princess.

I ordered a cab sauv (red wine) from California. I wanted something bold that competed with my beef short rib. My birthday girl ordered the lamb. 

Both meats fell off the bone and were magnificent! The sauce was salty and wonderful,  the potatoes were whipped and buttery and the veggies were crisp and fresh. As the sun was setting over the Thames River a Mother goose had about 7 fluffy goslings chasing her. Perfect scenery, adorable.  I was delighted to find we were the last diners in the restaurant! I always feel like Daddy War bucks who buys out the entire venue. It was a Thursday night and London, honestly, is home with their kids practically every night. It's a family town. So the world was our oyster! If you want a quiet place, go out during the week for a perfect experience.

My birthday girl and I enjoyed the quiet tranquillity of a cloth napkin and beautifully polished establishment with talks of family, ex boyfriends and work. The conversation flowed beautifully between two friends. 

We both ordered crème brule for dessert and an adorable chocolate sauce “Happy Birthday” was presented.  I loved that they had to explain no candles or sparklers because duh, it's a museum. Can you imagine burning precious artwork and a beautiful building over a clumsy birthday mishap? Understandably,  no flames but I sang a little as a joke and we cracked our sugary dessert with delight and gobbled up the smooth, creamy concoction. Every last bite! 

The River Room was everything I imagined. Nostalgic oldie's music was playing like, “Be my little baby,” by the Ronettes and I'll be there by the Jackson 5. Our waiter was sweet, courteous and delightful.  I noticed he served our plates open-armed, and properly. He definitely had some hospitality training, which tickled me to my serving days. The bill was a fair price for the large portions and extensive production of the ingredients into the meal. We waddled out there with our doggy bags and full stomachs into the gorgeous, sweet spring evening air. It couldn't have been a more perfect evening for a fancy birthday dinner amongst dear friends. Service was excellent,  the atmosphere was peaceful and comforting. I'll definitely be back! I highly recommend The River Room in the London Museum. It's where food is celebrated!

By Carrie Anne Stephenson ❤️ 


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