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Throw Mamma from the Train! WTF???

Throw Momma from the Train movie review

1987~ Danny Devito. Billy Crystal.

So. Amazon Prime is my new random movie rolodex. I mean. Holy toledo!

Oscar Host. Billy Crystal. When Harry Met Sally, City Slickers, I mean… Billy is a comedic genius and I'm frankly gonna say it… a tight ass that I wanna squeeze. There, I said it. I'm sure Billy is pleased to have a tooshie tyrant motorboat those buttcheeks everyday of the week and twice on Sundays but I digress.

Now… Danny Devito. Twins, It's always sunny, uh.. Batman… I mean, grab his tophat and sign him up for any Tim Burton movie till the end of time… I mean, truly a terrific entertainer with the emotional range of the brother of a suicide bomber. Don't ask how I know the emotional range of that. It's a very long story.

Anyways, on to the film critique…

Watching Billy struggle to write was hysterical and accurate. Procrastination is perfection.

Watching an ex succeed is absolutely maddening and I can relate to Billy to my boner for him.

Goonies grandma is one of my favourite villains. She's horrific and written perfectly evil.

I immediately was empathetic with both characters. Great development and great start to an interesting movie!

The torture of writing was a little too close to home for me and I was uncomfortable. But I appreciated how realistic Billy's struggle is.

Danny Devito, the poor kid. Seems trapped and I hope he finds escape through his writing.

I'm delighted by Billy's character! I've never seen him so passionate and angry!

The Schtick comedy is a refreshing surprise!

Danny Devito's cluelessness and simple characteristics are endearing. Incredibly lovable guy… my pocket sized pimp.

The face Billy Crystal made when mamma clocks him in the nuts made me cackle. I grew up with America's funniest home videos. Ball busting shots are always funny! I replayed it 4 times and it kept getting funnier!!!

Look at him! He's a buoy with hair!!! ~ My favourite description of Danny Devito and the grand final line to a delightful cinematic experience.

If you want to kick your feet up and enjoy the appreciation for the underdogs continually screwing up. Watch this movie.

Exceptional cast, orchestrated soundtrack, hilarious script. Please Enjoy.

Fare thee well my Silver Screen Fans!

Until next time.


Newsload Correspondent

(The attempted film buff but who knows nowadays amirite?)



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