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Volunteer to Become A Newsload Comedic Producer, Correspondent or Videographer

Build portfolio, work with fun local talent, meet stars, get community exposure and third party recognition, become part of a fun, limitedly dysfunctional family that always has your back.

Newsload videographer filming during a Newsload shoot

We're looking for volunteers to be one of the following for NEWSLOAD LONDON:

  • A Newsload videographer/producer

  • A Newsload videographer/producer/comedic commentator

  • A Newsload comedic correspondent

  • A Newload journalist

Important points to keep in mind:

  • Content needs to be entertaining and informative. We generally work on the 80/20 rule, 80% entertaining, 20% news content. If viewers come away knowing even just one or two things they didn't about their community after watching that is mission success. That said it's a malleable rule. Content doesn't have to be all funny, it can also be tearful, as long as it is some of both.

  • Content doesn't all have to be rolling over in stitches funny. As long as it hold attention through narrative storytelling and checks the amusing category, that's good enough for us.

A Newsload Videographer/Producer

You will film one of our correspondents in the field as they cover news and/or events in our region. Editing of content could also be part of what you do, in coordination with Newsload to maintain brand integrity and approach.

Videographer never seen or heard during this report

A Newsload Videographer/Comedic Commentator

In addition to being a videographer, as listed above, you will use your improv skills to be behind the scenes making random comments during the ongoing report to add to the comedy.

Videographer commentary throughout

A Newsload Comedic Correspondent

Our correspondents aren't all comedians. Some are activists who want to draw attention to pet issues and this is fine. (It is mandatory to use sources for material that can be verified) In this case we'd partner you with a videographer/comedic commentator.

Comedic Correspondent/Producer sets up the opportunity to do the interviews

A Newsload Journalist

A newsload journalist is generally a working journalist who wants to work with a Newsload team to bring attention to their stories. All stories must be verifiable and, ideally, have already been covered by local media in some form.)

Bryan interviews one of our contributing journalists Scott Taylor


Please reach out to the Newsload if you'd like to help. We're not just building a business that will eventually allow us ALL to get paid, we're building a business model that can revitalize local news, short circuit extremism and disinformation online. Watch these videos if you're wondering how and thank you for your interest!


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