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Submit your work or your pitch. Become a Newsload contributor. By working together the success of one is the success of all. 

Contribute To The Newsload

The Newsload Distribution Network is growing fast thanks to you!

There is a lack of local news. Data shows 70% of folks value local news even as news outlets close and lay people off. It’s not just Facebook and Google taking ad revenue. There is so much competition for our attention. And reporting facts is expensive while embellishing news, even inventing it, is dirt cheap. This toxic mix is behind vocal fears for democracy itself.

Enter the Newsload. 

Imagine Newsload outlets everywhere; trusted, fun, organic, fair, grassroots, bridging the gap between local audiences and local news providers – informing through the work of independent professional journalists, local comedy improvisers and videographers, all professions searching for new opportunities.

We know it works, certainly on the macro level, with shows like THE DAILY SHOW or BILL MARR. We want to prove it can work on the local level, through Newsload London.

The time is ripe for this business:

  • Continued demand for local news as supply dwindles. 

  • Valuable, untold news stories everywhere. 

  • Mainstream news outlets coming to love us.

  • Artificial intelligence won't be doing comedy or street level interviews anytime soon.

  • The growing popularity of stand-up online and through streamers.

  • And a vast, growing pool of local talent waiting for opportunities to shine.

The rising tide raises all boats. Consider contributing to your local Newsload or start your own . Build your portfolio, gain profile and third-party recognition, contribute to your community. One contributor’s success becomes everyone’s success when we work together. 

It’s been an honor to work with so many local folks who have volunteered their time and talents to build the content base that you can find on today. They share in the dream of making a positive contribution to their country and community through comedy. 

Please consider joining or supporting us. Hit like and subscribe and share this vision far and wide. 

A comedic Journalist holding a Newsload mug, staring at the camera
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