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Help produce content under the Newsload banner. By working together the success of one is the success of all, meaning every Newsload Editor and outlet benefits.

Become a Newsload Editor

The Newsload leverages market forces, through the power of the comedy compass, to attain superpowers in the fight to revitalize democracy, crush extremism and disinformation, both online and locally.
  • Superpower #1: Hard Cover - It's hard to criticize a comedian as anything other than a comedian. If you try you will probably lose, you risk alienating your followers, and you risk being the butt of any new jokes. Trolls prefer easy targets.

  • Superpower #2: Soft Cover - Newsload Editors create space where truth tellers can find cover within their ranks by laughing off mistakes. Meanwhile trolls are driven to mania through comedy. They are more terrified of being humiliated than anyone.

  • Superpower #3: Rear Cover - Newsload Editors can be the defenders of their journalist team members. In the trenches online they protect reputations and call out bullshit using the language the trolls use, where warranted.

  • Superpower #4: True Independence - As a Newsload Editor you will have the independence to build sketches and draw attention to stories that may be going under the radar in your community.

  • Superpower #5: Lie Filter - What's funny has always been about what's true and this can expose liars to their followers.

  • Superpower #6: Fear Crusher - Funny is the opposite of fear. Where fear is used to motivate hate, funny motivates unity. Once internalized this understanding will change the world.

  • Superpower #7: True Persuasion - If presented and followed up properly, comedy can open minds, giving folks a chance to change their perspective and move away from political extremes and disinformation.

Learn more about all these superpowers here

The Newsload is creating an army of comedians to save the world... There. I said it. And what's crazier, we're going to do it through laughter. I know right! It'll take time and it'll be a wild ride for sure. We'll see such laughter and goodness though - we'll see such renewed hope! But what I really want to see is the comedy people come up with. It will be epic!

A comedic Journalist holding a Newsload mug, staring at the camera
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