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Creating regional opportunities for actors, comedians, producers, directors, videographers, writers, editors and journalists.

When we have serious conversations with loved ones, we often cry and laugh. The Newsload strives to capture that authentic approach to life. The way to cope with pain, is sometimes, through humour.
Local newsrooms are struggling and "news deserts" are everywhere. The Newsload reaches new audiences.


The Newsload partners with local newsrooms and bridges the divide. We hook audiences with hilariously pathetic humour, based around real news, then send them to the pros to get the full story.

You're going to love the Newsload. Truth is better than bullshit and we can tell it however we damn well please. Shhh. It's kind'a our superpower.

We're not the Onion or the Beaverton, we're the Newsload. Some satire but REAL local news with humour and heart.


Founder of the Newsload

Bryan Bakker


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Newsload Comedy Compass Graphic Created By Bryan Bakker
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