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Updated: Jul 24

Through trial, the Great Lakes have heralded both tragedy and renewal. These are the stories of those who have overcome those trials and discovered themselves along the way. Each edition of Great Lakes Stories explores the true story of someone who has been foundationally affected by an experience on a Great Lake.

By Bryan Bakker (Please Share and Subscribe to the Newsload Below. Thank you!)

(runtime - 12:33)

Nathan McIntyre sitting on the deck of a sail boat in Port Stanley harbour

In this pilot episode we meet Nathan MacIntyre who lost his best friend, Jeff Brasser, to a tragic drowning accident in Port Stanley when he was sixteen. This incident drove Nathan to spend the next eighteen years traveling the world learning about water safety. After a lifetime's worth of death and tragedy, he had a heart-breaking cathartic moment which allowed him to move on. He heard from Jeff Brasser himself.

This series is great for those who enjoy love stories, rescue stories, stories of loss, renewal and redemption and appreciate a powerful natural world angle. The Great Lakes are a key through-line of every episode.

“I grew up playing along the cliffs on the north shore of Lake Erie. When swimming in the lake the most repeated warning our mom gave us was “beware the under tow!” It wasn't until, decades later, I met Nathan MacIntyre, and I discovered that the under tow was not the real danger; it was the rip current. After that I made it a point to get to know Nathan and subsequently learned about his incredibly compelling personal story. How many other stories were there out there like his? Stories of people who faced the pain the Great Lakes had handed them and, after trial and renewal, grew stronger as a result?” ~Bryan


  • Self-discovery: Love and loss at the hands of a Great Lake leading to renewal.

  • Natural Beauty: Showcasing the danger and majesty of the Great Lakes.

  • Science & Mysticism: From old legends to cutting edge research.

  • Length: 6 episodes per season each 10-15 minutes long.

  • Genre: Documentary, investigation.

  • Format: Interviews, artistic depictions, b-roll.

Nathan McIntyre, his friend and Edward Jeanveau in Port Stanley harbour

If you feel you know of a story that should be part of this series please let us know. Or if you would like to help produce more editions or donate to our fund to tell more of these stories please reach out to us.

Thank you for your interest!


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A sailboat silooutted by the sun during an outdoor harbour shoot for Great Lakes Stories
Photo by Bryan Bakker

NOTE: In 2015 Bizbio produced a promo for Central Elgin that featured the grand reopening of the Port Stanley Pier. After many years of it being closed off due to multiple drowning fatalities from swimming of the pier, as exemplified in this pilot edition, it was rebuilt with safety and beauty in mind.

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