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Newsload's Going Belly 2 Belly

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

As part of The Newsload’s commitment to combating mental & sexual health challenges exacerbated by social media, our “Belly to Belly” series will focus on promoting events that bring people together - in person - not on computers - actually sharing space - you get it.

Our first event occurs the second Wednesday of every month. It's a super fun and often hilarious Speed Dating event at Player's Bar & Grill in London, Ontario.

Looking for love but wasting tons of time with matchmaking sites? Try speed dating - you'll have fun, feel safe and meet a bunch of potential partners fast.

Carrie Anne Stephenson and djfreshczz

All the things that make social media great also have disadvantages. According to studies socializing exclusively online under stimulates our brains and makes it harder to beat the anxiety that comes with all new relationships. Speed dating will help and hey, It'll be a fun night out to boot.

Basement space in Player's Bar and Grill in London, Ontario

Stay tuned to this blog for updates as we roll out more content and upcoming dates. Thank you for your interest!


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