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Confessions of a Gino Vannelli Wannabe Groupie

Updated: May 10, 2023

This week on my show, Committing Carrie Carrie, I interview one of my all time idols, musician & writer Gino Vannelli! Holy shit! I mean holy holy shit!

Yes, I met my hero and he was more than I ever imagined. Just so you all know, whether you watch the interview or not, Gino Vannelli is down to earth, polite, charming and BEAUTIFUL!!!

That wild stallion shines and is still.. dare I say… a hunk??

Is the life altering answer to stay positive?? What makes you happy???

Is surrounding yourself with beauty the key to life? The answer to perfection…I think so.

It's Gino Vannelli!

Carrie Anne Stephenson and her sisters way back when
Carrie Anne just as she was getting acquainted with Gino Vannelli

He's working on another album and I am on pins and needles to hear what he is gifting us

next!!! I'm still tingling from zooming in on one of my favourite 80's rock artists of all time… And he's CANADIAN!!!

I can't wait for you to watch on YouTube and enjoy a peek into the magic and captivating

presence that is Gino Vannelli. Please Enjoy,

Carrie Anne Stephenson

Newsload Correspondent

Gino Vannelli Wannabe Groupie


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