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Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame

The Newsload was happy to visit the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame over the weekend. As we push deeper into the Canadian Comedy scene Newsload continues to inform folks on how comedy can be used to fight online extremism, rampant disinformation and 'News Deserts'.

Jeff Lumby Peter Keleghan Shaun Majumder Mag Ruffman The Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame
Jeff Lumby, Peter Keleghan, Shaun Majumder and Mag Ruffman at the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame

As a past conspiracy theorist (2007-2009) I know it's tricky to see what's often right in front of you. That's the challenge we have in getting people to recognize the power of comedy to make real inroads in helping local news and fight extremism. If you're curious on how the Newsload does that please watch this video.

During our interviews with some of the talent that flowed through the opening night of the gala, we asked pointed questions on how comedy can be used to fight conspiracies, and as always we got the best answers from comedians. After all who is more concerned about freedom of speech? Who is more adept at using language to draw subtle ironies out into the open? Who can make you like them even as they tell you something diametrically opposed to your world view? Just some of the reasons comedy is a hugely under utilized resource for supporting democracy into the 21st Century.

Everyone at the event was gracious and fun and seeing Steve Smith (star of The Red Green Show) get inducted was very special indeed.



Bryan Bakker ~on X @BKBakker


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