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Comedy News Coverage For Events

Updated: Mar 18

Want to make your event EXTRA FUN? Have an extra tranche of great photos for the next one's social media promotional efforts? Why not have one of our intrepid comedic journalists out to cover it?


Event Sample - Custom Branded (unlisted - released by client internally)

In partnership with Bizbio Creative and Railway City Improv

Our team will work with you to figure out the best approach for your event. Here is a list of benefits you can expect:

  • Set Your Topics: We'll steer clear of any topics you want us too. You set the parameters, we'll make them work.

  • Your branding or ours: We'll use your logo to book end your video or we'll make it a "Newsload Special Report" which gives you distance and third party recognition.

  • Super fun for all involved: When we walk around interviewing your guests/colleagues, it feels like the red carpet at the oscars! Everyone loves the extra level of fun.

  • Great social media content: Extend the value of an event by having a super funny and entertaining video (or series of video shorts) put together with the best of the interviews. Everyone who's in it will want to see and share. It's a great way to maximize the value of all the time and treasure you put into building your event.

  • Complimentary photography: That's right, we take pictures along the way, professionally curate and edit what we end up with, giving you even more social media memories to share and keep your guests engaged.

  • Professional filming and presentation: We work with Bizbio Creative who has been producing high quality video for companies since 2011. There is no job they can't handle and their work always goes beyond the budget.

  • Hilarious talent: From Railway City Improv, we have a growing roster of local talent that you can choose from. Once you choose we'll all work together to come up with the best approach for your event.

  • Include your Sponsors/Partners in the credits: It's a great extra to add to your sales pitch when enticing sponsors to come onboard to your event.

  • Newsload Blog: (Only Newsload Branded) Optimized for your brand/career this blog will live forever and host all your Newsload content.

  • Organic Reach: (Only Newsload Branded) Growing every day, we will share your content with our subscribers, all our social media networks and those of our partners.

  • Facebook & Google Ads: (Only Newsload Branded) We'll put a variable percentage of our fee into promoting your content on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

  • Easy extras: Have us supply a dedicated photographer instead of the complimentary stuff. Have us collect enough footage to do up a stunning promo video. Have us take care of promoting your content after the fact through Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.


Here are some samples of the photos we took...



Jester Lind in a Newsload Bio thumbnail
Stand-up Comic, Improvisor & Performer


Introductory rate - Call us now to lock in this price!
$1999 ($2999 normal price)

(This content package would cost in the neighbourhood of $6000 if quoted through any well established video production company so this is a great bargain - especially with all the extras.)


  • Add Photographer.edited photo delivery: $725

  • Add Promo video capture, branding and edit: $1250

  • Add Vertical Shorts: $285 per short


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