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Carrie Anne Stephenson: Newsload Bio

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Carrie Anne Stephenson knows how to put on a show and build an audience!

Carrie Anne Stephenson growling at the camera

The Newsload is happy to welcome Carrie Anne as our newest Newsload special extra awesome sauce correspondent! Right!

The first thing I noticed about Carrie Anne is she is tenacious and a go getter. She rushes in when others shy away and that makes her a powerful addition to the Newsload team. ~Bryan

With her many experiences with Yuk- Yuk’s Stand up Comedy, appearing on Dragon’s Den, Fantastic Four and continuing her journey with a stand up comedy tour!!! She has opened an extensive amount of doors to some very exciting opportunities!

Carrie's comedy is described as energetic and blue.

She’s planning to interview the London, Ontario community to share local news with like minded entrepreneurs, and she offers MC and stand up comedy services for local charities to support her community. “Cause if you can’t make ‘em laugh...You can’t make ‘em listen.”


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