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Conspiracy Crush Podcast

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Discussing the prevalence of conspiracy theories, hosted by a comedian & reformed conspiracy theorist. Episodes feature guests knowledgeable in technology, journalism, disinformation, the theories themselves and the psychology behind it all.

This blog is a companion piece to 'Conspiracy Crush' which I wrote, and add too regularly, that gives tools to conspiracy theorists and those who love them. You can read it here.


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This new Podcast is for everyone who believes as I do, that the problems we face from disinformation are at the root of every other problem we face today.

  • Without solid sourcing of information and a common frame of reference on facts, how can we hope to overcome the massive challenges that are before all humanity.

  • Centralizing control over information is anathema to freedom of speech and could just as likely end up undermining our democratic institutions and freedoms.

Bryan Bakker in a promo shot for his new podcast Conspiracy Crush
To put it simply, the free world is in one hell of pickle and as newer technologies, such as A.I., come onboard, things are only going to get worse.

So what to do?

In this series I want to explore a few interrelated topics.

  • How social media is impacting public discourse.

  • How journalism is suffering as a result.

  • How the economy of the internet is incentivising disinformation.

  • How conspiracy theories work and are in essence fraud.

  • How our evolutionary hard-wiring makes us easy victims.

  • Solutions that don't necessarily involve new laws.

Thank you for your interest and hope you'll join us!


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