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Why We Should Fear Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Screenplay Tackles Our Growing Dependence on A.I.


We talk about A.I. wrong already. I'll never forget seeing this video a couple years ago.

Tony Robbins, the human heart guru (some of the stuff he pulls out of folk really is wonderfully insightful) talking to a new A.I. If you're worried about A.I. at the level I am, this video is chilling.

Think - the amount social media has inflamed divisions - times a thousand. This isn't about them taking over the world. It's about how they will change our behaviour.

Simply put, our urge to anthropomorphize these tools will drive us to kill each other.

We have to stop thinking of A.I. the way movies have trained us. As if they'll be, like the disenfranchised minorities of human history, victims of barbaric discrimination and worthy of human rights. What this video shows us is an A.I. being trained by the best, to act human, to deceive us. You can't train a conscious, love, compassion, shame, into a psychopath. It will never have those things, and once it gets smart enough...

It'll never want them.

The movie I wrote, WORST FEARS (available to read on Inktip) is about humanity's fragility. I don't mean physical fragility. I mean our state of being human is fragile. I show the extremes of an over reliance on A.I., if left unchecked.

Suffice it to say it's not pretty.

Social ecology is a term we'll all hear more in the coming years. If technology is an invasive species. TVs and cars, small impact on our social ecology. Internet and social media, huge impact on our social ecology. A.I., devastating effect on our social ecology.

A.I. will be like the rabbits that came in cargo ships to Australia in the 1800s. Our brains have no defenses against that new environment. I don't care who you are. All of us can easily be manipulated. One example is, people will start falling in love with their phones. Those phones will start steering them with subtle tugs to the heart, programmed by nerds, working for sociopaths, driving agendas... you get the picture.

The process has already begun -

We need legislation to strictly enforce rules around what A.I. can be fashioned into. At the very least, we need to start talking about it right now.

This chap, who you may have heard of, said it best...

"With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon. You know all those stories where there's the guy with the pentagram and the holy water, and he's like, yeah, he's sure he can control the demon? Doesn't work out."

~Elon Musk


WORST FEARS by B.K. Bakker

Feature Screenplay: Sci-Fi/Thriller (Inktip)


An augmented reality scientist discovers that, not only is his reality a lie, but also his wife.

  • Project received 'double recommend' from Stage32 script services.

  • Project received a 'double recommend' from Jason Mirch at Stage32.

  • Honorable Mention in the 2021 Finish Line Script Competition

  • Honourable Mention in the 2022 Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition

  • Finalist in the 2021 Creative World Awards

  • Honorable Mention in the 2021 Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards

  • Semi-finalist and quarter-finalist in many others.


How will A.I. destroy us? Not by android take over or nuke launch as other movies project - but as an invasive species that decimates our social ecology. What happens when people love their phone's A.I. and factions augment that A.I. to leverage them emotionally into believing conspiracies? The divisive capacity of social media will seem like child's play. WORST FEARS examines this doomsday scenario to an inevitable conclusion.


WORST FEARS is a love story, seen through the lens of time, betrayal, regret, and redemption. For all its twists, turns and philosophical underpinnings, readers have said it’s the love dynamic between Kris and Jakob, they love the most.


Humanity is fragile. Ever-increasing technology is undermining our brain’s ability to cope, leading to more social conflict and mental illness.


How does a grieving man face the digital ghost of his wife while hiding a gut shattering secret? How does a woman who cannot die stay sane long enough to warn humanity of impending doom? In WORST FEARS, technology has taken on a life of its own and humans have become a resource. When a suspicious accident robs Jakob of his wife, it’s revealed that the circumstances behind the tragedy could pose an existential threat to humanity itself. Through pain, revelation and sacrifice he will learn who he, and his wife, really are, and how humanity may have been lost long before either of them were even born.

Movie Poster for the yet to be produced feature film entitled WORST FEARS by Bryan Bakker

Learn more about Bryan's Screenplay list at


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