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By Opposing the Online News Act, Facebook Becomes the Tabloid King of Canada

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Newsload takes on Meta, whose opposition to the Online News Act, has made it clear, they want to be the newest, bestest source of bullshit anywhere in Canada.

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I've advertised on Facebook before and it's been awesome. More targeted eye balls for less money. But our government's job is to keep an eye on the big picture and the big picture, the hollowing out of professional media organizations across Canada, is going no where good.

It's like if Facebook wanted to be able to show whole movies on their platform without paying the studios anything. REAL news is premium content that costs money to produce. The only difference is, it can take two seconds to absorb a hard won fact, not two hours as it is, to enjoy a movie.
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Recently on X, someone wrote that they only trust freelance journalists for their information now. Presumably they think no corporate structure can have integrity. I called relying on half-starved freelancers for your info akin to deciding to only get bank loans from folks working out of their cars.

The incentive structure for journalism has been flipped online. Bullshit makes more money for less overhead. Money means temptation. Temptation means corruption.

Malign forces that don't like light shined on their businesses for various reasons have a vested interest in not only undermining trust in main stream news, but also the business model that makes those companies viable.

Trolls are pushing Bill C-18 as censorship. Not only is this bullshit, they fail to offer any solutions.

If I were a shameless liar whose company is polluting a local river, do I want some nosey journalist poking around, interviewing the mothers of cancer ridden children? Or worse, the news company they work for springing for a water quality test that can draw more attention to my reckless indifference whilst also collecting evidence for potential future lawsuits and/or criminal charges? The answer is a HUGE NOOOOO!

If you bullshit for a living, wouldn't you to claim all the books in the library were 'fake' and more, written by people who hate you? The professional fourth estate is the most important check and balance we have on power, but its traditional business model has been terminally undermined. Bill C-18 is trying to do something about that.

With A.I. making bullshit look more and more real everyday, we're all susceptible to being drawn into it, especially when it comes to topics we may have never paid much attention too.

The End of Social Media as a Reliable Source for Anything

There are two trends happening right now: A.I. making everything that is digital, potentially fake vs. folks valuing authenticity above all else. Meta is playing hardball now, but I predict the tables will turn. The stamp of legitimacy from mainstream news companies will, and should, come with a premium.

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Soon, overrun by reams of A.I. generated bullshit, big tech may beg to pay.

Our government's job is to protect our society for the benefit of all. That's why the Newsload applauds the passing of the Online News Act. It's not perfect. It needs work. But the first hurtle is the most important one. More of the public needs to recognize the value of well funded journalism in their lives.

Like wine, bullshit is cheap; real news is expensive.

Help us label Meta for what they embrace... TABLOID NEWS.

Bryan Bakker is owner and founder of The Newsload as well as a London, Ontario based entrepreneur, director and writer. Follow him on X @bkbakker


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