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Ferrero Rocher Cannoli, a Dark Chocolate Torte and a Tiramisu Whipped up by an Angel.

After filming Fact Fry & Fun with IVY Ristorante, Oliver invited me out to sample their ambiance and I'm happy to report - I highly recommend this restaurant!

Oliver Thomas from IVY Ristorante, Rheece De Veyra & Carrie Anne Stephenson from the Newsload

Desserts at IVY Ristorante

There was ample parking in the back and we were greeted by a lovely hostess. Everyone was super excited about the Newsload segment we filmed for them!

My best friend and I were seated at a lovely table that had plenty of space to talk privately without hearing anything from the surrounding tables. It was full, 6pm on a Thursday night.

Our server was delightful! A sweet, Western student who was polite, and giggled with us as we celebrated my girlfriend's divorce. Out with the old eh? To new adventures. We were complimented to start with a delicious bruschetta on soft and fresh, buttery bread. And prosecco! The effervescent beverage that I read somewhere was good for your health! I'll drink to that eh?

specialty at IVY Ristorante

We were delighted to have Chef Nicholas and adorable Chef Oliver present us with an off the menu treat of a fluffy, flaky pastry covered with a flavourful sausage, tender shrimp and mushroom concoction that was sweet, savoury and scrumptious! Garnished with Green City Aquaponics! Local produce I adore.

I can't tell you what a delight Chef Oliver is! He's so excited about his first cooking show segment and we joked about a new drinking game everytime he said, "Um" we should do a shot! Beyond adorable and I hope you watch his risotto and salmon demonstration with Newsload.

Now onto the dessert platter…. WOW!

Desserts at IVY Ristorante

We got a platter of Ferrero Rocher Cannoli, a dark chocolate torte and a Tiramisu that was obviously whipped up by angels. They sprinkled hazelnuts and cinnamon hearts around the desserts with fresh fruit. I enjoyed the creativity and the imaginative presentation very much. The dessert was scrumptious and we left happy and full!

The staff are a delight, the atmosphere is romantic and the prices are reasonable for a fine dining experience because you definitely are spoiled the second you arrive.

Please check out Ivy Ristorante On Oxford St. near Adelaide In London Ontario Canada

Your tastebuds will thank you!!

Green City Aquaponics AD


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