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Hey, Every Man Jack

From Shoppers Drug Mart, Newsload delivers an informative report on penetration, rubbing or patting, Every Man Jack, carpet burn care and more!

Carrie Anne Stephenson and the Newsload visit Shoppers Drug Mart, on Richmond Street in downtown London, with our favourite London firefighter friend Bob. Watch as Maggie, product specialist at Shoppers, showcases their products to help Bob understand his skin, and all of us, the meaning of innuendo.

It was an eventful interview to say the least. As I continuously tried to keep everyone on track, talking about serious skin care issues, Maggie and Bob would have nothing of it. No matter what was said they always took it to the lowest common denominator. Personally I was getting very uncomfortable with the tenor of the conversation.


Maggie speaking to the Newsload


This report really showcases the power of the Newsload approach. Authentic conversations, that turn out to be hilarious, whilst simultaneously sharing information about skin care, building brand awareness for Shoppers, and showing their everyday customers that they’re human beings too. I don’t care who you are – this conversation is relatable.

Our newest tagline is: “We’re not the ones who need to grow up” and it ties in well here.

Even the most prudish person giggles before they ridicule this type of humour. That’s the hypocrisy the Newsload is out to expose and leverage, not just to support local businesses and causes, but to build awareness around important local news stories.

Bob smelling for Every Man Jack during a Newsload interview

Thank you Shoppers Drug Mart, Maggie and Bob for helping Carrie Anne and the Newsload have fun and share knowledge. This was an amazing test case and we couldn't be more thankful. ~peace

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