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Left, Right, Center: Do Your Newsload Your Way!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

A summary of the rules around the use of the Newsload brand.

By Bryan Bakker

A newspaper with the headline LOAD

In this blog you'll learn what the responsibilities of a Newsload Editor are and the approach every Newsload Outlet must take in order to stay compliant with our Newsload Editor's Licensing Agreement.

The rising tide raises all boats. That's branding and franchising 101. By working together to build the Newsload every Newsload Editor and outlet benefits.

Our Commitment to You:
  • You will have the freedom to produce the content you feel fits your community best without interference from us or any other Newsload editors. Your license is your responsibility and your freedom. Use it to get important news out to your community in a comedic way.

  • Your content is your content. We have no monetary rights to it after it is produced and we commit not to infringe upon it. As long as it's compliant with the Newsload Editor's Licensing Agreement you can collect income on it in perpetuity.

Your Responsibilities As A Newsload Editor:

As a Newsload Editor you are responsible for everything produced, released and promoted by your Newsload outlet. To keep Newsload content focused on truth first, and to support local journalism, which is at the core of our mission and central to the brand's success, there are some simple rules, every Newsload Editor must follow: The two most important ones are:

  • A minimum of one out of every three posts you release, using Newsload branding, MUST include a link, in some form, to a story written by a journalist who has completed at least two years of journalism at a registered college or university. This journalist does not need to be aware of the link, and they can, of course, be freelance.

  • IF that journalist removes the story, for any reason, the Newsload piece MUST either amend their content, to comply with any newly discovered facts, or direct the piece to another journalist's story, who is similarly trained.

If you're in, click here to get started on your journey as a Newsload Editor for reals.


This was produced by a three person crew and edited in a day. In the YouTube caption every video has an ISSUE LINK. In this case these are links to the nonprofit's website. In your stories they will be links to the stories produced by working journalists in your community.

As a Newsload Editor your job is to entertain and inform. The key to this formula is the entertainment part. The DAILY SHOW is popular because it's funny. The news is the context for the jokes. That's how you get away with it. Audiences should walk away knowing something more about their community despite themselves.

What do these extras add? Nothing except, hopefully, some more laughs and that's okay. Even if it all culminates in one sentence of solid news after ten minutes of entertaining content it's worth it.

Don't worry about equipment. Use your phone for a while and get proficient. Find talent with character. Keep your stories on the shorter side. Be concise in your edits. Mimic what you see on the news. You'll do great!


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