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MP Lindsay Mathyssen On How Bullshit in Ottawa Often Comes With a Swirl

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Newsload's Carrie Anne Stephenson interviews London-Fanshawe MP Lindsay Mathyssen about the best way to handle balls, why a good fork is preferable to chopsticks and how bullshit in politics often comes with a swirl.

Next on our list, is to interview a conservative MP or MPP. If you know of one who wants to have some fun and a chance to show voters what they're like at an after hours party, GET THEM TO CALL US !


Being cynical about politics makes our lives worse and our democracy weaker. How? By making folks less likely to get involved. Rules are made by those who show up. When those rules don't represent everyone it leads to more cynicism. Repeat. Get involved in your democracy.

Lindsay Mathyssen and I have something in common. One of our all time favourite heroes is Tommy Douglas -- the founder of Canadian Medicare and the ideological centre of fairness and activism in Canadian government. He dedicated his life to making life better for all working folks. I'm a big admirer!

A couple of weekends ago I had dinner with some twenty-year olds and they were talking politics. It was great. But the prevalent sense among them was that all politicians are crooks. Clearly this sentiment isn't isolated to younger generations, but it did make me think of how important it is to remind people, as often as possible, that most politicians, whether left or right, get into politics to make life better for those in their communities.

So for those of you who may believe, or do not push back, when you hear someone say, "All politicians are corrupt, " remember Tommy and don't be tricked into only protesting in the streets - make sure you're also running for office.

Group photo is Lindsay Mathyssen's office
(right to left) Carrie Anne Stephenson, Lindsay Mathyssen, Davis Ayigbe, Bryan Bakker


Because you need to label any media you absorb, know, I consider myself centrist and an enemy of extremes. I have some "progressive" views and some "conservative" views.

In this interview with Lindsay Mathyssen I feel as though we have once again showcased the power of comedy to impact politics. In what other light can someone share their humanity better - their relatable nature? Whether you believe that Lindsay's belief in government - as a force for good - is misguided or not, you cannot doubt her drive to make sure it is.

In this format - joking around - shooting the shit - you can see all the primal triggers our subconscious minds use to determine authenticity in a person. How they laugh and what they laugh at, how they handle awkward moments. At the Newsload we believe humour is the best filter for trust. Can they laugh at themselves? Can they see the subtle signs of humanity in the people around them? Do they have empathy? You of course, be the judge in watching Lindsay's interview.

Thank you for your interest and please consider sponsoring a report. It would really help.


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