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Newsload Special

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Home of the Best Hummers

This small Ontario city has a secret. Join Newsload Special Correspondent Turk Phillips as he digs into the strange quirk that makes St. Thomas an outlier in the rest of English speaking North America.

Produced by Blue Food Films ( In Association with The Newsload ( Written & Directed by Bryan Bakker Starring (In Order of Appearance) Newsload Voice - Ed Kelly Turk Phillips - Bryan Carey Maureen Humdinger - Brittany Alexandra Desjardins Cindy Floss - Courtney Coleman Thulsa Doom - Bryan Bakker Ace Leandre - AJ Jarvis Professor Wilma Myers - Sofia Eidsath STREET LOCATION/INTERVIEWS Visual/Audio - Bryan Bakker UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO LOCATION Visual/Audio - Bryan Bakker Production Assistant - Leanne Olsen BACK ALLEY BAR LOCATION Director of Photography/Camera Operator - Derek Lamoureux Sound Recorder - Ben Lamond Production Assistant - Chloe Bakker SPECIAL THANKS Anita Twynstra Shawna Bartsch Rod Calder Candice Van Deipen Grayden Laing POST PRODUCTION Re-Recorder Mixer - Edward Jeanveau Bizbio Creative (


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