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Re-Thinking Comedy

Updated: Feb 23

The Newsload is a comedy journalism franchise that does what the DAILY SHOW or RICK MERCER does on the national level, on the local level. Our research shows local audiences value local news greatly, even while less of it is being produced.


Why the Newsload has Huge Investment Potential

Huge changes are coming.

A.I. will make everything from getting a world class medical diagnosis to top notch legal briefs next to free in the coming years. It will also make creating the imagery of our imagination (or bias) indecipherable from the imagery of the real world. Though these changes will bring huge and terrifying challenges, they will also bring huge opportunities. The Newsload is one.

Authenticity is king online. Soon it will be emperor; it will be everything.

In a world where everything you see online could potentially be fake, having sources you can trust, will come at a premium. Make that source entertaining, fun to watch and share and you have yourself a business model that can not just grow, but potentially explode onto the national, even international stage.

A Newsload Banner ad of an office worker in a disaster of an office crushed by work.

The bandwagon effect is all that is holding us back. Once people see our novel approach being recognized in mainstream circles the dams will break and Newsload will grow fast.

Factors/Trends Supporting Newsload's Growth:

  • Newsload outlets will be on the ground, filming in the real world, in your community, making you laugh as we inform you of the real things happening around you. This is something A.I. will never be able to do. Audiences inundated with garbage online will come to see our local, authentically human approach refreshing.

  • Newsload will always base its comedy on the journalistic work of trusted media companies and link to those stories in our own. This will enviably push views their way garnering us good will, not to mention open up new monetization opportunities as formal partnerships present themselves.

  • Having a decentralized brand means Newsload outlets can appeal to their own communities in their own ways, maximizing their ability to succeed. Inner city Newsload outlets may do comedy like David Chapelle. Rural town outlets more like Jimmy Kimmel. Meanwhile the Newsload mothership will work on content that promotes all the outlets.

  • Based on our research and experience there is a huge swell of untapped talent at the local level. These people represent a resource that could be harnessed at very fair rates as most of them volunteer to entertain others in improv troops and local stand-up events.

  • By building one brand, multiple outlets can benefit from the successes of a few. If one sketch produced by a Toronto Newsload outlet goes viral, Newsload outlets everywhere around the world can benefit. These days it's very hard to break out. This approach increases our chances dramatically.

  • Low overhead. The Newsload simply connects the dots and leverages the energy of volunteers and enthusiasts. This business doesn't require million dollar camera equipment or studios, or expensive props or CGI. It's comedy. It doesn't need all that. It just needs to be funny. So we leverage the creativity of funny people to make content that is meaningful while also fun to watch and share. That's it.



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