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The Newsload: Intelligence Proof Sure, But Artificial Intelligence Proof?

There are great reasons why the Newsload can not only save local news and draw folks toward the political centre, but also popularize a formula that can outlast the mad take over of artificial intelligence into all our creative spaces.

Jester Lind, Host of "This Jest In" with Jester Lind, listening to his ear piece like a god.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is going to be predominant in our future media environment. Knowing this makes it tough to be a creative these days, wondering how you're going to make money doing what you love. Like in so many industries, technological advances seem to be hollowing out the middle. As in, you're either making a tons of money or barely getting by.

Our Newsload Franchise is about to change that.


There are certain things humans will always be needed for:

  • To create great comedy: As great as Chat GPT is the subtlety of comedy is so subjective and intuitive, there's really no way to devise an A.I. that can have us all rolling over in stitches. Add to that the subject matter we're building our comedy around is often incredibly nuanced and local.

  • To tell local stories: A "prompt engineer" can't invent truths on the ground in a local environment and have much longevity online. Someone will always be needed to go out there, set up cameras and interview folks. There is just no way around it.

Newsload Comedian strutting down the catwalk


It’s hard to see it now but, as artificial intelligence makes everything less trustworthy, mainstream media news organisations are going to have a renaissance and it will be huge.

The truth is average folks just wants reliable news, not clickbait bullshit all the time. As A.I. gets better at making cheap, easily produced, very real looking, lies, folks are going to put way more value on that what we have always taken for granted - sources that have some integrity.

That's why the Newsload's timing is just right.

We are positioning ourselves as strong allies of mainstream news which means as their resurgence gets under way we will ride up with them.

Thank you for reading. If you'd like to invest in the Newsload please contact us.

From the Funny Farm

Bryan Bakker (on X~@BKBakker)


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