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Blockchain Cameras Can't Come Soon Enough

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

As I write this elections are on the horizon for us here in Canada, and of course in the United States, in 2024. For all that will happen next year, I believe the one thing that will become clear afterward is the CRITICAL NEED to be able to verify video as unaltered and authentic. Enter blockchain.

A great documentary everyone should watch - and i mean everyone


The impact artificial intelligence is having on the creative fields is stunning and making it clear fast that's it's really just a matter of time before some altered piece of video or audio is used to great effect to discredit a political figure before an election. This will lead to a popularized understanding that something must be done.

Enter blockchain technology

If democracies are going to survive we're all going to NEED reliable information and sources. That's why soon DSLR cinema cameras, video cameras in general that have blockchain verification for every step -- every time we hit record, export our footage, edit in software, render out an edited piece and upload to our preferred media -- has to happen and fast.

We'll have no choice.

Blockchain is the technology that underwrites crypto currency as a way of making sure financial ledgers can not be falsified online. This same tech has just finished a huge boom bust cycle through the buying and selling of NFTs. Though the tech is building momentum fast it still needs to be faster to avoid the crazy world of the future from quickly destroying us.

It used to be you could have a different view of facts, but facts were facts, everyone agreed to them. Now facts are based on where you get your information. Soon facts will be literally, what you WANT them to be. It'll bring the idea of "ignorance is bliss" to a whole new level.

This blog is simply a suggestion, a plea to the powers that be to legislate, to work the problem as fast as possible. The clock is ticking.

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