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Egypt- The Land of the Pyramids

Walk in the footsteps of the Pharaohs, in ancient Egypt - cruise the Nile River and learn of the fascinating Great Pyramid - unearth the history behind them. Come with me as we journey together to discover this fascinating land and the magic behind the Temple of Luxor.

Egypt Great Pyramids - photo provided y Susan Eliuk

Depart form Toronto or any major city of United States to arrive in Cairo. Get transferred to Ramses Hilton 5-star resort. The rest of the day is for you to enjoy, relax by the pool or explore the city and enjoy some of their national cuisine by picking up a chicken shawarma some falafel and hummus. Relax for the real adventure to begin.

Day 3 of our tour we are going to have our breakfast then set of to tour Cairo. We are going to start at Giza plateau, home of the three Great Pyramids, which were built over 4,500 years ago and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. As you explore you will be walking in the footsteps of the Pharaohs and learn of their fascinating history. We are going to visit the Great Sphinx and the Temple of the Valley to discover more secrets, then we will go to the Egyptian Museum. This museum is home to the largest collections of jewels, relics and statues form the pharaohs. Then we end our day walking through the lively Khan el Khalili neighborhood, home to the largest bazaar in the city. We overnight in Cairo.

Cairo City - photo provided y Susan Eliuk

Day 4 after breakfast we transfer to the airport for our short flight to Aswan which is situated on the Nile River. Upon arrival we head to the river to enjoy a cruise on a traditional felucca boat to see the Nile Falls. Afterwards, continue to the Granite Quarry home to the unfinished ancient obelisk and the High Dam of wan. Transfer to the port to board your Nile Cruise Boat where you will spend the next three nights on. Get settled in your cabin then enjoy dinner and overnight on the boat.

Day 5 if you are an early riser you can opt for an early morning tour to Abu Simbel, home to the rock-carved temples. If not, we will being going towards Kom Ombo. There we will explore the twin Temples of Haroeris and Sobek and see the amazing Nilometer used to measure the rising and falling levels of the Nile, an important life source in Egypt. Afterwards, visit a unique Crocodile Mummy museum, home to a number of mummifies crocodiles. Then return to the ship for a relaxing evening. Overnight on board.

Egypt Kom Ombo - photo provided y Susan Eliuk

Day 6 Today we dock in Edfu to enjoy a ride in a traditional Egyptian carriage to arrive at the Temple of Edfu in style! Spend some time exploring the temple, dedicated to the Egyptian god of Horus. It is one of the best-preserved monuments in the country as its imposing structure has been protected by the desert sands. Back on the ship, we head to the Luxor where the ancient heart of Thebes awaits you. Here, discover the Temple of Luxor, constructed by the two great pharaohs, Amenhotep II and Ramses II. Return to the ship. Overnight on board.

Day 7 After breakfast we head to the ancient city of Thebes as we head to the world-famous Valley of the Kings, where the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered, revealing the riches of the ancient pharaohs. It is here where the most powerful and influential kings of Ancient Egypt were buried. After exploring the site we head to the Temple of Hatshepsut. An imposing terraced structure, located below the towering cliffs. Then after that we cross the river and enter into the modern-day Luxor. Transfer back to the hotel and enjoy the remainder of the afternoon at your leisure. It is highly recommended to take the optional tour Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show. Overnight in Lexor.

Egypt Aswan - photo provided y Susan Eliuk

Day 8 After our breakfast at the hotel we set off in the early morning to visit the Karnak Temple Complex, home to a vast array of decayed temples, chapels, pylons and other ancient buildings. Explore the ruins as your soak up the unique atmosphere and let your imagination run wild as you learn about life in Ancient Egypt. Transfer to the airport for your flight back to Cairo, then spend the rest of your day at your leisure. You also can take a optional excursion, highly recommended to the Saladin Citadel. Overnight in Cairo.

Day 9 your return home day from an amazing tour of Ancient Egypt and taking your memorable memories with you to share with your family and friends until your next adventure! Group Travel By Susan can get you there!

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