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Vancouver- The Busiest Port City of Canada

Vancouver is our amazing most westerly bustling port city of Canada. The diversity of cultures is everywhere in this beautiful city. Their Art scene is very strong with the influence of the Indigenous nations in many parts of Vancouver.

Vancouver - Photo provided by Susan Eliuk

When you fly into Vancouver you fly over the mountains then it seems like to are coming from the ocean into the airport which is located on a Sea Island. It is quite the view either arriving or departing providing it isn’t too rainy or cloudy. Another way to get into Vancouver is by train especially with the Rocky Mountaineer luxury line with all her special amenities.

Vancouver is a great city to explore. If you want, stay at accommodations close to the airport - there is a train from the airport to downtown by the Waterfront and you can travel to and from many parts of Vancouver, to explore, with no problem.

Vancouver harbour - Photo provided by Susan Eliuk

There is no shortage of activities to do. You could walk the waterfront for miles practically all the way to the beautiful Stanley Park. If you go in late April and May the tulips out in full bloom with the whole park coming alive with flora beauty. Don’t forget to walk the seawall path, within Stanley Park. There you get some amazing 360 views of Vancouver. All along there are so many restaurants to try out for a refreshment or a full course meal with an amazing view of the harbor. We stopped at the Lift right on the waterfront and had a spicy prawn Caesar with appetizers.

Right across from the Fairmount Hotel on the Waterfront and close to the Pam Pacific is the cruise port, so if you haven’t seen a cruise ship up close that is the place to walk too. That is where I went out from for my fantastic Alaskan cruise to see the Glaciers, amazing.

Vancouver's Stanley Park Totems - Photo provided by Susan Eliuk

From the Waterfront just down the street a few blocks is actually where you would arrive by train.. but also, the place to catch the ferry across to the Northern Shore. The ticket kiosks are right there to purchase your return ticket. Once there you can walk the waterfront, enjoy the many boutique stores, Indigenous art, many bakeries, and cafes sitting outside or inside to watch the ships flow by. Speaking about bakeries you must try the waffle shop in the Lonsdale Mall that makes so many varieties with multiple choices of topping to choose from, yummy, it was like I was in Amsterdam all over again.

Green City Aquaponics AD

If you are an avid golfer, there are no shortages of wonderful golf courses to try to improve your score. If you are a skier, no problem, ski hills in the area, even though many will travel to Whistler, one of the most popular ski resorts outside Vancouver about an hour’s drive. If you don’t have a car, you can take a shuttle from the airport go for the day or stay two days.

Granville Market is a must to see their beautiful market and ingulf in the diversity of cultures through their displays of food and opportunities to try many new cuisines if you haven’t already. Want to go to the top arrange a tour on Grouse Mountain Skyride, enjoy a meal on top at the restaurant. Then don’t forget the Capilano Bridge to walk across the suspension bridge that was built in 1889. Then there is Gastown a very hip area for fashion and amazing cuisine and the amazing old Gas Steam Clock that goes off every hour. You want more activities like kayaking, canoeing, speed boating, whale watching in Vancouver no shortage to enjoy her surrounding beauty and wildlife.

To really enjoy Vancouver, you have to make arrangements and visit her. You can have a wonderful trip with lots of activities even for a 4 or 5 day weekend. Go and discover Vancouver Canada!

Vancouver's Stanley Park - Photo provided by Susan Eliuk


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