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Epic Blunder, But Our Politicians Are Not All Nazis

One of the biggest angles trolls are taking in justifying the absurdity that all the MPs knew they were applauding a Nazi is the way the Nazi was introduced.


As someone who watches politics closely, both here and the United States, we see misspeaks all the time. When the speaker introduced this man as a "Ukrainian war hero... who fought the Russians in world war two," yes that should have given pause, but it's easy to see why NO ONE caught it and the ENTIRE house stood to applaud him.

Group think took over.

I once saw Pierre Poilievre say, "Conservatives and Justin Trudeau are just out of touch with Canadians." We all knew he meant Liberals and Justin Trudeau, but no hay was made because it happens so often. That muscle to interpret based on the context is automatic in politics. It's clear to me that that is what happened here.

They thought it was a misspeak, figured there was zero chance the guy could be a NAZI (wow) and went along with the moment, applauding the war hero as part of the 'applaud the war hero part of the day.'

Epic Blunder!

To suggest they knew because of this is to suggest they themselves would never have done it and I can assure you EVERYONE would have. After all we're all human, not superhuman.


World War Two was an existential battle for the soul of humanity. Many Canadians died liberating Europe. My grandparents endured occupation in Holland throughout it. The history and scars of the holocaust are personal and deep across Canada. To suggest anyone knew this man was complicit in that, when they applauded him, is to add injury to illness in this fiasco and utter disrespect to all our fallen. Worst of all however it is to play into the hands of today's Hitler, Putin who is always looking for a new PR angle to undermine the West and support for Ukraine.

If there is any upside to this cluster fuck it's that it is making the real partisan trolls out there expose themselves big time. I'm not sure they'll have much luck convincing folks this wasn't what it was, an obvious mistake of epic proportions.

I mean, the secret Nazis in government decide to give an applause to a Nazi in front of the world? Absurd.

The truth is it was an epic blunder caused by mob mentality. Everyone thought he was vetted and it's crazy to think they would all knowingly applaud a Nazi.

Thinking that gets you a tin foil hat in my book.

X - @BKBakker - Conspiracy Crush


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