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Fluck Buck's Ax Grind

Local News Presented by Newsload's newest (and oldest) correspondent, Fluck Buck, son of Buck Fluck. Recently thawed he speaks to London Ontario's top news stories. We're calling this prehistoric perspective on modern issues, Fluck Buck's Ax Grind.

The Newsload supports local news organizations by directing our viewers to the work of real journalists. Please consider sponsoring our efforts and professional local news providers.


Fluck Buck, son of Buck Fluck, set out on a stormy night, 20,000 thousand years ago, in search of his pet Python, Gurthy Upchuck. What happened to him next is beyond belief.

Over time we will reveal this dark tale, but for now, we will simply be thankful that Fluck is with us, safe and sound.

Living with AJ Jarvis and his family in London, Ontario, Canada, the whole community has pitched in to help him feel at home, not just in this place but in this millenia. One of the things Fluck told his new guardians was that, in his time, he was the village crier. When they heard this they immediately contacted the Newsload to let us know that he was available to offer his skills to help keep our community informed.

It wasn't until after we learned he meant 'village crier' literally, as in, he was crying all the time because of the loss of his beloved Gurthy. By that time though, we had already put too much work into the project to turn back and just figured the role would grow on him eventually.


Local news is the most important news, but in the same way municipal politics is much more impactful on our daily lives then national politics, way fewer people pay attention to it.

As newspapers and local news providers find it harder and harder to pay the journalists democracy needs to keep government accountable, corruption steadily filters into our public life. The Newsload believes we are one of the solutions to this growing problem. An addition to any local media ecosystem we draw savvy viewers like you, in with comedy, to perk your interest in key issues that we all need to be aware of. We don't know what we don't know. Through the Newsload, with a click, you can be directed to professional journalism with a click and get the full story.

Our approach not only helps bridge the divide between local audiences and news providers, we are creating regional opportunities for comedian, videographers and freelance journalists too. As the middleclass in almost every field gets hollowed out the Newsload wants to give people income for being creative and funny and community oriented.

Thank you for being part of it.

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