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Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Newsload is proud to launch this new series highlighting local comics performing their heart out at local venues throughout the region.

(left to right) Sean Creighton, Andy Pomaranski & Evelyn Viernes @ the Twisted Mint Comedy Event at Olive R. Twists in London, Ontario, filmed by the Newsload
(left to right) Sean Creighton, Andy Pomaranski & Evelyn Viernes

On our about us page we say "Creating regional opportunities for actors, comedians, producers, directors, videographers, writers, editors and journalists." - Well this is the comedians & videographers part of that promise.

Newsload's Coming Comings Logo

When I fired up this insane project, dumped the last of my life's time and energy into it - I did it because I have seen so much amazing talent floating around in so many communities, all unable to make a living, doing something they're so good at. All this gold laying around and everyone skipping past it.

Enter The Newsload.

Last month, Carrie Anne Stephenson and I had the amazing opportunity to interview Mark Breslin, the founder of Yuk Yuk's Comedy Clubs and the man who discovered the likes of Jim Carrey and Howie Mandel. One of the things he said really stood out to me.

This industry is really unfair. There is no middle-class. You're either making too much money or barely any money at all.

This is the conundrum. One the Newsload isn't out to fix. Surprised? No, fixing this will be a happy side effect of our new explosive business model. In order to be sustainable, we're out to money, and like I said - GOLD NUGGETS JUST LAYING AROUND!

The marriage between news and comedy is nothing new. What the Newsload does is give it structure on the local level. (We're looking for investors btw!) That's it. Get followers and subscribers who like to laugh, who are engaged by strong, emotional content of all varieties, while peppering in the local news, local talent and a few commercials to pay the bills.

The rising tide raises all boats. Everyone is trying to be an influencer, to make money being creative and doing what they love. The Newsload provides a way for us all to pool our mojo, get third party recognition for our work, build our portfolio and have fun!

Carrie Anne Stephenson and Jordan Minter at Olive R. Twists during the Twisted Mint event

If we can get enough eyeballs on our social media and blog site, we can leverage those views into sponsorship deals, monthly subscriptions and promotional ad buys from the fraction of our local business community that is bold enough to work with us. Much of this dough will then be sunk back into the local arts scene to pay creatives to keep creating.

Rinse. Repeat. Grow.

Coming Comics is the leading edge of this approach.


I've always loved projects that can fulfill multiple goals simultaneously.

  • Commercially viable so it can endure and grow.

  • Helpful to our community as a whole.

  • Helps local folk make a living.

  • Allows me to do something I love.

  • Challenges the status quo and drives positive change.

The Newsload project does all this by:

  • Helping promote local restaurants and halls that not only have great entertainment, but great food, great staff, great sound and lighting, clean bathrooms, ceiling tiles that are pristine, no cracked ceramic, the list goes on and on.

  • Giving local talents who, due to reasons of insanity - the public's insanity - have a hard time making any dough, despite be funny as hell, brave as fuck - to put themselves out there despite crippling mental health health conditions - or wait - maybe that's me projecting - my bad - and just deserve to be showcased in a professional way dammit.

Okay, I've run out of shit to say - I'm out!

Carrie Anne Stephenson and Jordan Minter at Olive R. Twists during the Twisted Mint event


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