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Carrie Anne Stephenson Turns Over A New Leaf

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

My diet as a Newsload correspondent is not good. I definitely suffer from "I don't like doing dishes, so I eat out alot" syndrome…. Well that is all about to change.

Microgreen tray at green City Aquaponics in London, Ontario

On Monday I order Dominos because it’s half price…. I used to dip my pizza crust in ranch dressing. This week I went Meatless Monday for the 3rd day…. Here is my experience.

I like to drink 8 coca cola cans 355ml a day. Chicken wings with pizza is delicious.

So, my first week getting Aquaponics greens. I received Sunflower microgreens, cilantro and radish microgreens. The texture is crunchy, sweet and impressively fresh. I ate them within 3 meals

I had leftover steak and baked potato and I tossed a giant handful of Sunflower microgreens with Sunflower seeds on top. That's it… No prep, no fuss. I ate it right out of the container because the plants are grown indoors with no pesticides or bugs.

I didn’t even rinse them because I am so confident about how clean they are.

I noticed the next day how much more focused I was at work. I usually drink a hot chocolate in the morning (2% Cow milk with Hershey's powder and whip cream and occasional sprinkles).

Needless to say I need green in my diet. I usually skip lunch because I’m either working or just not hungry.

By day 2 I had leftover seafood with radish microgreens and felt like superman.

Microgreen trays at green City Aquaponics in London, Ontario

I have tummy issues and I found that I'm much more comfortable.

Day 3 I ate the cilantro microgreens. I threw a huge handful into my vegetarian Vietnamese Pho which was DELICIOUS! It added a mild flavour to the soup and crunch with the beans sprouts that came with the soup 🙂

I thought munching on a caramilk bar 4 times a day would give me energy and make me happy. I gained 60 lbs. I stopped this week and found I’m less sluggish and more alert. Almost as if eating healthier makes me react healthier. I lost 5 lbs in a week.

Rheece de Veyra and Carrie Anne Stephenson at green City Aquaponics in London, Ontario

I as a comic am SENSITIVE and easily stressed. I've found that my anxiety is lowered. I don’t eat right honestly, because I don’t take the time. I’m calmer this week.

Having green stuff delivered to my door fresh every week is a really good idea. It’s cheaper than the grocery stores and it's grown right here in London, Ontario.

Please consider discussing a microgreen diet for you and your family.


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