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Committing Carrie Carrie

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

The Newsload is launching a new interview series featuring Carrie Anne Stephenson talking with guests from across the world who often find their way onto your TV Screens.

So every Saturday - assuming we have our shit together - we'll be releasing a new interview.

Carrie Anne Stephenson has been involved in the Canadian comedy scene for many years and over that time she has met with and done God knows what with, how many internationally famous and revered celebrities. Tapping into that bottomless pit of extortionable content Carrie Anne has graciously agreed to pull all the strings she has to nail these funny folks down and get them to talk to her for your benefit and ours. Cool eh?

If you're curious about who Carrie is, so were we, so we creeped the shit out of her online and discovered this little Gem back from the 2005. This was when Jack Ass was becoming a thing so Carrie and her friends set out to make a Jack Ass featuring women being crazy. As we understand it the whole project crashed when Carrie and others on the team got injured.

What's remarkable about this tape, I think, is that it pre-dates, just by a little bit, the kind of stuff that is the meat and potatoes of soo many YouTube sensations. Carrie and her girls' did it just a little too early for the technology, and perhaps the misogynist sensibilities of the time.


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