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EXTRA! EXTRA! Promote Yourself Through Newsload London!

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Choose one of our subscription packages and reach new customers.

Carrie Anne Stephenson and Shawn Lewis at London City Hall during a Newsload interview

Social media has changed everything and local news, though as popular as ever, has a hard time competing with all the other media options out there. Enter, The Newsload.

A brand new tool putting a creative, comedic, always authentic, spin on local news. Essentially the DAILY SHOW, only local, half as good and good as half. You can become part of this growing phenom and get your business in front of potential customers. Comedic journalism is a powerful draw, we've been using to grow fast since our launch in July of 2022.

Lock in your price by signing up now and grow with us!


Sign up for a minimum of THREE MONTHS or a maximum of TWO YEARS. During that period your price cannot increase while your benefits will only increase.

LEVEL ONE ($100 per month)

  • Social Media announcement of sponsorship & unique hashtag.

  • Custom optimized living blog about your organization.

  • One or more monthly mentions on social media channels.

  • Sponsor one Non-Commercial production per month.

Jim Kelly, a talented London Ontario DJ and Improvisor

Don't underestimate the power of Level One! You will be a named sponsor in a Newsload London, Non-Commercial production and its promotions. That means you'll be included in the credits of work such as our commercial parody, News Coverage, or Newsload promos. These productions are pushed by us broadly through paid promotions, accompanied by Google optimized blogs of it own and social media posts.

LEVEL TWO ($250 per month)

  • Level one benefits PLUS

  • Sponsor three Non-Commercial productions per month.

  • Mention in Newsload newsletters.

  • Three monthly mentions on social media channels.

  • Bi-yearly photographer visit to your location.

Add some sweet nuggets to your meal by choosing Level Two! Add, your business thanked in our "Totally Random Newsletter" series, minimum three monthly mentions about you on our social media channels and have a photographer visit your location and take pictures twice a year for your use and ours to promote you with!

Sofia Eidsath, A talented London Ontario newsload correspondent, improvisor and actor

LEVEL THREE ($500 per month)

  • Level One & Two benefits PLUS.

  • Logo in Newsload Newsletters.

  • Custom AD in all Newsload blogs during plan.

  • Custom AD on Newsload landing page.

  • Weekly post on Newsload Social Media Channels.

  • Yearly Comedy Coverage.

Time to order steak, unless you're a vegetarian in which case an impossible burger, by subscribing to Level Three! Get your logo built into our Newsletter, pointing to your custom blog, a custom designed AD added to all Newsload blogs and our landing page during your active subscription, a minimum of one weekly post on our Newsload social media channels and of course. a visit by one of our comedic anchors for a special report, at your choice of location, once a year.

AND REMEMBER, 20% of your subscription dollars are always spent promoting your content to your ideal customers.

These prices will increase as the Newsload grows so lock them in now for a maximum of two years by clicking HERE and signing up!


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