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Nature Island

There is one island you should check out if you love nature and adventure combined.

It is in Dominica called Nature Island.

Dominica Island - Beach - picture provide by Susan Eliuk

Any buildings they have made, they try not to disturb this beautiful land. It has two of the highest mountains of the Caribbean...It is two- thirds of nature with the rain forest, they have 365 rivers and 125 discovered waterfalls.

I stayed at Roselie Bay..right on the Atlantic ocean side. Staying in our rooms with the big 4 post beds along with an amazing soaking jetted tubs...and the walk-in rain shower..with a big veranda to sit out and enjoy the sounds of nature.

One thing for sure Dominica has going for it is their is a 5*. Like any island you want to go where the locals go and you know you will enjoy your food. Roselie Bay is for sure for nature lovers..they can do Weddings there as well. There are so many adventures you can do on Dominica lots of hiking to the falls such as Trafalgar Falls or Boiling Lake. River tubing is quite popular since they have so many rivers. I had a chance to do a boat ride on Indian was so serene and amazing to see the wildlife around us. Pirates of the Caribbean movie was partly filmed on that river...and the witches house is still there even after the last hurricane.

Dominica Island - waterfall - picture provide by Susan Eliuk

If you want an over the top adventure , you have to stay at Jungle Bay Resort. This resort is amazing. It is an adventure wellness resort. They built with the landscape not disturbing the beauty around them. The villas have either a king bed or a king bed with a twin..or two so maximum of four people can stay.

It is designed for couples to connect again with themselves and nature. The Spa is amazing along with yoga retreat, being one of the largest in the Caribbean.. They use a lot of the nature's plants to add to their cuisine and products. This resort when you come has daily activities that is included with your stay along with food packages. The food is over the top with their farm to fresh delights. Seafood is always fresh so you don't have to worry about.

Many wonder how can you get to Dominica. You can fly from Toronto to Miami then a flight direct flight from Miami with America Airlines. You also can fly from Toronto to one of the Caribbean islands like Barbados then take Inter Caribbean airlines to get to Dominica..

Dominica Island - Beach - picture provide by Susan Eliuk

This island is not over populated with tourists but many resorts want to keep the carbon footprint down..

Coulibri Ridge which means hummingbird, is a completely off the grid resort with 24 rooms for either 3 or 4 people..They supply their own power through solar panels and three huge rooms with recycled lead batteries..built their own cistern to gather their own water.. The water off the roads they gather to water their crops..They have thought of everything..

They grow some of their food but source locally as well fresh fruits and vegetables as well as their meat and seafood. There place has amazing views and the ambiance is amazing.

Dominica is an island that has a wild side but so intriguing that it pulls you in for an adventure.

Let's get you there.

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