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Newsload is Now Paying for Comedic News Shorts

Updated: 3 days ago

We're looking for independent creators in London and region to produce and submit comedic news reports as vertical shorts destined for our Newsload YouTube channel.

Newsload Talent during the filing of Home of the Best Hummers

We're looking to release up to 20 of them a month on an ongoing basis.

  • They have to be less than a minute.

  • They have to be a vertical short (TikTok style).

  • They have to use facts as reported by a mainstream news site.

  • They have to be truthful and produced in good faith.

  • They have to be entertaining and informative.

  • They have to be fair to their subjects.

  • They have to open or close with the words "...reporting for Newsload Shorts...".

  • We'll pay $50 for each short we accept.


Why Should I?

Selfish reasons: Third party recognition, build portfolio, to promote your talents and channels, to have your work promoted locally, to get a Newsload talent bio page. Altruistic reasons: To inform folks in our community, to champion issues that are important to you, to help keep local professional journalism alive.

$50 is Nothing

Not nothing but not a bank breaker. Also. it can add up if you get a few approved every month based on the scale below. Also, with some creativity and a good idea, production can be very cheap and easy. A good presentation and a few rehearsed lines in a relevant location or the right interviewee may be all that's needed.

$50 No Matter What?

Our pay scale will be adjusted over time as we learn how this new program performs. To start this is how payouts work per individual, per month.

  • Your First TWO shorts posted in a month = $50 each

  • Your Next TWO shorts posted in a month = $75 each

  • Your Next TWO shorts posted in a month = $100 each

Why a Pay Scale?

We want you to offer as much great content as you can for us to consider and we want you to focus on news that is current.

Is this a contest?

No. We curate the shorts, choosing the ones we feel best fits the brand, vision and mandate of Newsload London.

Will Newsload Have Rights To My Content?

Your ideas, characters, and sketches will always belong to you. When you partner with Newsload, you are essentially granting us the right to publish each short indefinitely. This arrangement allows you the freedom to move on from Newsload after we have supported your launch, should you desire. We believe that fostering goodwill will ensure mutually beneficial relationships in the long run.

What types of shorts are you looking for?

Entertainment doesn't always have to be uproariously funny. If you possess strong improvisational skills or a lot of charisma, simply asking questions that intrigue you to a decision maker, such as a city councillor, police officer, or CEO, can be engaging enough. If you present yourself positively and there is a newsworthy angle, we are likely to be interested in your work.

How are the shorts chosen?

The entries will be circulated by our internal team for review, following which our editor-in-chief will make the final decision.

What priorities do you judge shorts by?

We appreciate content that "punches up" and is character-driven, rather than being inflammatory or focused on mocking others. That said, all art is nuanced, and there are individuals who can successfully execute approaches that others cannot. We are open to reviewing a wide range of content.

Can it be hard hitting? Does it have to be funny?

When evaluating shorts, our main criterion is on the inventive and entertaining ways being used to communicate important information. All entries will be carefully reviewed.

Can I Swear or do Off Colour Humour?

Of course.

Do I have to Swear or do Off Colour Humour?

Not at all.

Which mainstream news sites are we talking about?

(Should your organization wish to be added to this list, please contact us)

If you'd like to base your short off freelance journalism we have a journalist/editor who works with us who can potentially verify your work. We'll make this decision on a case by case basis. The freelance journalist will need to show their work in some fashion.

Aren't there potential legal consequences here?

Of course. This is why you need to base your comedy off facts presented by vetted mainstream news outlets. Free speech, in regards to journalism AND comedy is sacrosanct in free countries. As long as we do our own due diligence, and make real efforts to act fairly to all involved, we'll overcome all challenges.

Can I use Newsload branding in my short?

Indeed, however, Newsload will be the only entity who will be able to release that version if it receives approval from our team. Below are the logos available for you to select from...

Can I become a sponsor for this program?

Indeed. If you are a business owner, a professional or news entity who is interested in contributing to the revival of local news, please get in touch with us.

How do I submit?

Send an email to with "Comedic News Short" in the subject line. Include an unlisted YouTube link we can review. In the email include info for posting. It should have the following things:

  • A title for the video.

  • A description of the video.

  • A link to the news story you're basing it on.

  • Your full name and primary social media handle.

  • Any hashtags that would be relevant to the piece.

  • Any relevant short form notes you think we should know.

If my short is selected, what happens?

Once you receive a notification, you will be required to sign a release form and an e-transfer will be sent to the email address you have provided. The video will be downloaded directly from YouTube, uploaded to our Newsload channel, and the information you have provided will be used for the title and caption. Subsequently, our marketing team will determine the timing and method of its release. For your first approved submission, you will be requested to provide a brief biography and pictures for your bio blog.

Thank you for helping us bring informative fun, and hopefully a new bright beginning, to local news everywhere.

Bryan Bakker

Newsload Editor-in-Chief

@bkbakker on X



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