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Fashion Fire at H&M Masonville Place

Newsload Special Correspondent Carrie Anne Stephenson Interviews Jannet Kilpatrick, Manager of H&M in Masonville Place, about their trendy fashion clothing lines and how they appeal to the Fire Fighter in all of us - literally. Watch Bob - a rough and tumble firefighter, transform before your very eyes into a glorious fashionista and runway god.

A lot of fun this week when the Newsload visited H&M at Masonville Place for a commercial piece. A big part of it was our interview with Jannet Kilpatrick, who is a wonderfully fun manager who did the tongue & cheek runway announcer voice over for our model, known only as Bob.

 Carrie Anne Stephenson and Jannet Kilpatrick at H&M in Masonville Place


The great thing about Bob was his willingness to help out on our shoot in order to draw attention to Mental Health in our London community. Please take a moment to check out his favourite charity and donate if you can.

My Sisters’ Place (MSP) is a safe, welcoming and inclusive centre that supports women through drop-in and wrap-around services. Many experience multiple vulnerabilities including gender based violence, trauma, chronic mental and physical health challenges, homelessness or housing instability, substance use, and extreme poverty.


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