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Rocky Mountaineer- Luxury Train for Canada

The train has been a great mode of transportation to unite the east to the west for all of Canada and other destinations in the world.

Rocky Mountaineer Morants Curve - Photo provided by Susan Eliuk

The one we have in Canada is a luxury train that has amazing scenery called Rocky Mountaineer. Everyone who goes on Rocky Mountaineer says it is hard to describe in words how you feel after your awe-inspiring adventure with luxury service.

There are two services to enjoy with Rocky Mountaineer, one is Silver Leaf and the other is Gold Leaf. They both are excellent choices to use. The main difference is with Golf Leaf the windows are from the seat level right up into the roof area for full glass dome windows with a full panoramic view. You have your assigned seating with ample leg room and reclining seats on the upper level of the Golf Leaf service car. Downstairs is a dining room below to sit and enjoy all your gourmet al la carte meals. Included is alcoholic and non acholic beverages available through the journey. Gourmet sweets and snacks are given through the day. They have up to four host to serve you and a full culinary team. Within the Golf Leaf train is a large outdoors viewing platform especially for those nature lovers with their cameras. You will hear the amazing history and stories along the journey to make it come alive for you. With the Golf Leaf service, you have your luggage delivered to your rooms with certain destination cities waiting for you at for your overnight stay.

Rocky Mountaineer Outdoor viewing platform - Photo provided by Susan Eliuk

The Silver Leaf level just has the single car with no upper level but you still have panoramic views from their over sized windows. The seat reclines having plenty of leg room with your assigned seating. The regionally inspired meals are served at your seat by one of the culinary team. Along with your gourmet sweets and snacks throughout the day. The alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary on your journey. With Silver Leaf Plus you get signature cocktails and premium alcoholic beverages. You will still hear the stories along the way to make your journey come alive by the host. Your luggage will be waiting at your hotels upon arrival with certain city destinations.

Rocky Mountaineer - Photo provided by Susan Eliuk

The hardest choice will be how long do you want to experience the train which you can have 2 days up to 7 days on the beautiful luxury line to enjoy the picturesque landscape that you would only see by train along with the wildlife sightings. If you are all into wildlife and history combined with beautiful scenery this is the place for you to try.

You can choose starting points such as Calgary, or Vancouver depending upon the route you take whether it is west to east or east to west. The First Passage will start in Vancouver taking you up to Kamloops into Banff and Lake Louise, or you can start at Lake Louise to Vancouver, it is all up to you. Keep in mind you do not travel the train at night, so you don’t miss anything along these breathtaking routes. You will stay at certain hotels according to the Silver or Gold Leaf selection you choose. Gold Leaf stays are with the Fairmount Hotels and the Silver Leaf with hotels more located closer to towns. No matter your choice you still be in awe with your journeys. Other choices are Journey through the Clouds, Rainforest to the Gold Rush and any one of these trips you can add on too or do a couple of them together to make a phenomenal experience for you and your family and friends that decide to go with you. Rocky Mountaineer also has the trip in the US for the Red Rocks, stating in Denver to Glenwood Spring to the Arches National Park to Moab. The biggest decision will be which city will you depart from first. This line doesn’t have the Gold Leaf, but you can do Silver Leaf Plus and get those added touches for such excellent service.

Rocky Mountaineer Destination Moraine Lake - Photo provided by Susan Eliuk

Being on the Rocky Mountaineer is once in a lifetime or more times for a fabulous experience that is indescribable for words to express. It is because of the experience, the impeccable service and food served incorporating the local cuisine, wines and crafts. The friendships you will acquire but also terrain that is inaccessible by car so never to be seen again unless you travel again on our amazing luxury train Rocky Mountaineer. The season won’t matter because each one brings you delights beyond compare, yet many do like the fall with the changing of the leaves. All that counts is getting this experience at least once, if not more. Let’s get you on your adventure today!

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