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Updated: Sep 17

As part of a brand new service, offered exclusively by the Newsload - If you can mix it up with folks you've never met, get them laughing and make it work on camera - we can offer you a shot at making some money. Take a look at what we're talking about...

Can you do that? Can you have fun with a crowd? Ham it up on camera? Make a fool of yourself and have a blast doing it? If you can, we should talk.

Newsload moves to Uhive

Here's the deal. The newsload will provide:

  • An optimized/updateable web page BIO to promote you and your portfolio with.

  • An experienced videographer who will capture your event performance.

  • A professional film editor to edit the client content into a watchable, fun video.

  • Edited photos, you and the client, can use for self-promotion.

  • And cash - Starting @ $300 for two hours, mixing it up with guests + $200 if you bring the lead to us and it pans out. So $500 for two hours of fun. Not bad eh?

For details on the service you'd be offering event organizers check out this link. To see what your Newsload BIO page will look like check out this link.

All you have to do is find event organizers looking to offer their clients a fun new option for their event. It's an easy sell, especially if you're good with people.

On top of all that, as this service grows, and the Newsload expands, you'll be on the ground floor with us and get first crack at REAL acting or performing opportunities as they arise with us and our partners.

You've always wanted to make money doing something fun and expressing your creativity. This allows you to do that while building your portfolio and networking in your community.

Reach out to Bryan for a chat if you want to learn more.

Thank you for your interest!

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