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Sofia Eidsath: Newsload Bio

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Newsload Field Correspondent Sofia Eidsath is a working improv comedian and actor based in London, Ontario.

Sofia is a delight to work with and a natural when it comes to mixing it up with people. She has worked with directors and producers all around the city and beyond. For the Newsload she has participated in a number of projects and we have some big plans for the years ahead.

The Newsload

Sofia Eidsath looking at the camera
Sofia Eidsath, Comedian & Actor

Comedy Specialization: Clean/Family

Favourite Influence: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

"I have worked with many directors here in town, and they will tell you that I am professional, easy to work with, and not lacking in the sense of humour department. I have experience working on plays, commercials, music videos, short films, television shows, and movies. I am always game to improv! I speak fluent English, French, and Portuguese, as well as conversational Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. I am also an American citizen with Canadian Permanent Residency (soon to become a Canadian citizen). Mostly I’m a huge dork who loves her cats and making people laugh :) I’d love to help tell your story, lets make it happen!"

LINKS: Film London


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