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Spencer Higgins: Newsload Bio

Spencer Higgins is a comedian, actor, writer and DJ whose material focuses on impressions and music based humour.

Whenever I work with a new comedian, gracious enough to lend their time and talent to the Newsload I always ask them to provide me with a bio and some links for this very blog. When I asked Spencer, this is what he provided...

Spencer graduated from Humber College’s Comedy Writing & Performing program in 2017. He has over 200 voices in his bank of impressions and a helpful spattering of original comedy songs and parodies. Spencer has performed in live musicals such as Seussical (in which he played The Cat In The Hat) and has appeared on the hit YouTube channel Good Mythical More. He previously worked as a comedian and DJ for Carnival Cruise Lines, but found that he prefers doing his comedy on dry land as opposed to a rocking ship during the rise of a pandemic. Some career highlights of Spencer’s include performing alongside Colin Mochrie of Who’s Line Is It Anyway? fame, writing for and performing with Sean Cullen, and doing an improv show with Kevin McDonald from Kids In The Hall.

Clearly a man with a love for the art of performance, Spencer throws everything he has into each moment.

Spencer Higgins as Woody Wanker in the Newsload Pure Imagination Parody

What I like the most about Spencer is his unreserved passion. Working with him was like working with a true professional in any field - focus, drive, an eye for detail and for results. He's the type of talent that shouldn't be overlooked; who's just waiting for opportunities to shine and be seen.

The Newsload will try to be part of his beacon from now on.

There is a growing recognition in creative fields that it's getting ever harder, to make a living as a performer and creator. Unfortunately for us all it's about to get a lot harder, as artificial intelligence begins to write the screenplays, and even generate the imagery, for movies and TV to come, content creators will find their skill sets becoming more and more obsolete.

Spencer Higgins doing an improv show with Kevin McDonald from Kids In The Hall.

What the Newsload offers is something A.I. can not, at least in the short term. On the ground local stories and sketches. Interviews with human beings - your neighbours - and the on-the-fly comedy that comes from those conversations.

Thanks for reading and thanks Spencer for joining the team.

Follow Spencer on X: @spennyhiggs

Check out his impressions on YouTube: Spencer’s Voice Box (@spencersvoicebox2812)


Spencer Higgins

Spencer Higgins performing alongside Colin Mochrie of Who’s Line Is It Anyway

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