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Superfood Superhero

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Newsload Correspondent Carrie Anne Stephenson talks indoor farming with Green City Aquaponics' Rheece de Veyra. Find out why Rheece made the switch to microgreens, why everyone should switch to nutrient dense superfoods and why he said no to becoming the world's next superhero.

It was a fun visit when Carrie Anne and I ventured into The Old East Village BIA stomping grounds to visit Green City Aquaponics inside the Western Fair's small business incubator.

Rheece de Veyra was a gentlemen and a scholar and clearly passionate for produce.

Rheece de Veyra checking his microgreens at Green City Aquaponics

Having tasted a series of microgreen samples I encouraged Carrie Anne to try a few more and then a few more - though it was messy she seemed to enjoy the variety of tastes and textures offered by this yet sure to be prevalent in all our futures, superfood. Super because of its low environmental impact whilst also having an intense nutrient payload.

Rheece also shared some personal details with us regarding his recent episode of something called Testicular Torsion. For you men out there wincing, I feel the same way. See ladies, men have stuff to deal with too! Our testicals can almost literally get tied in knots! Not fun. Admittedly though it does not happen to all of us, thank you G man upstairs, and double thank you not every month. Fine, it's not the same.

Anyway it was a blast getting to know Rheece and his business and I encourage everyone to investigate his website and learn more about this up and coming nutrient dense superfood. He's selling to restaurants and customers just like you every day - your really should try it.


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