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Argentina- A Land of Wonder!

The eighth largest country in the world, who knew it had that much land coverage. This is a very safe country to travel too and it has a lot to offer to you as a tourist.

Photo supplied by Susan Eluik - Iguazu Falls

It is filled with many stunning natural landscapes, it's good quality wine and delicious food. Yet, we cannot forget to mention about their passion for soccer that has a huge influence upon the people. Plus, a romantic dance, the Tango.

Most people fly into Argentina by plane into Buenos Aires being such a modern city filled with colonial architecture and vibrant culture. While visiting Argentina visiting such areas as La Boca with their colorful houses, the culture of La Recoleta, the old town, San Telmo or the young, vibrant neighbourhood of Puerto Madero.

Photo supplied by Susan Eluik - Buenos Airis

While in Argentina you want to go to the southerly tip, best way is to take a flight to Ushuaia known as the Gateway to Antarctica. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Tierra del Fuego National Park and the unique landscape of this picturesque part of the world. If you cross over to Beagle Channel you will see plenty of sea lions basking in the sea or popping in and out of the water. Taking a 4X4 jeep tour you will be able to visit the interior of the Argentina Patagonia travel through the Garibaldi Pass and see the spectacular views of Lake Fagnano & Escondido. In this area make sure you enjoy a BBQ meal.

Then next day it is recommended to take a flight to Calafate to visit Perito Moreno Glacier which is the most famous glacier of the world. Here in Glacier National Park you can view Lake Argentino, Argentina´s biggest freshwater on a Nautical Safari. Even walking along the shore you will discover the different shapes and looks of this huge ice mass that is beautiful to behold.

Embark on a fascinating tour of the Circuito Chico to get a taste of Bariloche's gorgeous natural wonders. In downtown Bariloche, see the houses of pioneers who settled the area, the Nautical Club and the Melipal neighbourhood. Visit glistening Lake Nahuel Huapi on the journey to attractions like San Eduardo Chapel & Puerto Pañuelo. Finally, stand in the awe-inspiring shadow of the mighty Mount Campanario an impressive 1,050 meters high.

Photo supplied by Susan Eluik - Perito Moreno

Make sure you visit Cerro Tronador Discover the most beautiful areas of the Nahuel Huapi National Park and visit forests, lakes, beaches, mountains and waterfalls. Admire the Tronador, which stands at 3,478 meters above sea level and creates an impressive natural border between Argentina & Chile. Visit Black Ventisquero, a glacier whose origin is the snow from the summit of Tronador and enjoy views of the waterfalls and channels of the Manso River.

Green City Aquaponics AD

Then of course you want to not miss out on visiting Iguazu Falls. Discover one of the greatest creations of Mother Nature from the green train which transports you to two trails. Start on the upper trail following 800 metres of suspended walkways and a view of the falls from above. Then continue to the lower trail and discover the suspended footbridges alongside the falls. The best way to get the full effect of the falls is to take a 4X4 tour along with a Zodiac boat ride to get up close to this natural phenomenal.

Photo supplied by Susan Eluik - Bariloche

No visit to any country is complete unless you try their famous food such as the Asado- the Argentinian BBQ, their Empanadas, Provoleta, Pionons. Llamas steak and for your sweet tooth Dulce De Leche to top it off with their famous cookie Alfajores. You won’t be disappointed with any of their food selections.

Ready to visit Argentina now with her many wonders?


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