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Spain - The Originator of Tapas

How many of us like our appetizers or finger food whether at a party or pre course meal. Well, tapas, which originated in Spain, are small snacks or appetizers with a tasty flair of the Spanish cuisine.

Picture provided by Susan Eliuk - Typical Tapas in Spain

Have you tried Tapas foods? It has become more common than you think but it is well known in Spain at many restaurants and bars. These tapas can be small servings of bread, fish, seafood, potatoes, rice dishes, vegetables or anything imaginable that the restaurant may have as their signature dish.

You can enjoy tapas anywhere in Spain in any region. The best suggestion is to visit the restaurants and bars where you see lots of the people hanging out, then you know they will be fresh. If you travel to Madrid some of the famous tapas ’restaurants, you can enjoy are Taberna La Conche and Elmini Bar to name a few. Visiting Barcelona, you can stop in to stimulate your palate with their tapas at Sensi Bistro (Tapes) and Cal Pep in the Gothic Quarter area. If you visited many of the bars throughout Spain and ordered a drink, then you will enjoy the different tapas they serve at each of their bars and restaurants that are complimentary. Tapas meals has spread to many countries whether in Europe and beyond.

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Spain is worth visiting for it being the third largest country with the number of UNESCO sites and they have 48 to be exact. Just to name a few that you should try to incorporate with your travels are Alhambra Palace and fortress, Segovia- Roman Aqueduct still standing for over 2000 years and the Monastery San Lorenzo de Esorial. If you are a history buff, there are plenty of places to explore and learn more of their Spanish history and influences from other cultures.

Beach loveers don’t despair. There are over 8000 official beaches in Spain the southern and eastern part will take you to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea whereas in the north it will be the Atlantic Ocean so don’t forget to pack your bathing suit.

Throughout Spain, their passion comes out with their famous dances. One of the most known is the Flamenco. Listening to the music and watching the famous dance your emotions will be stirred and your feet will want to follow the steps. This dance is so much more than just a dance, it is combined with the song, the guitar playing with its flirtatious movements by the female and the posture, it is a site to behold. If you don’t think it has had an influence on all of us, think of the emoji we use for dancing it is of a Flamenco female dancer in her red dress with a striking pose.

Flamenco Dancers

Let’s not leave out the wine lovers and enthusiast. In Spain there are five different regions that grow grapes and produce wine that is well known in each region and beyond. One of the most famous one is Rioja, yet if you are a Sherry lover you may be familiar with Jerez. Lots of opportunities to take food and wine tours in Spain.

Traveling to Spain is easy by flights into the capitol of Madrid or the larger cities such as Barcelona. You can rent a car to tour the different provinces, take the train or be part of many small tour groups that travel through the regions of Spain. Cruises of the Mediterranean also will allow you to explore the southern areas of Spain and more with day trips. However, you choose to travel, your adventure to Spain will be impacted with lots of history amazing foods like the tapas, culture, music, the people and a lot more.


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