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Greece - Visit At Least Once

Greece has the longest coastline in Europe, many mountain forests, stunning villages, over 6000 islands, 227 inhabited, well preserved historical ruins, pristine beaches, delicious food and drinks along with a friendly people ready to be there to enjoy life with.

Photo provided by Susan Eliuk - Acropolis

To discover Greece and all that it has to offer there are 15 airports you can fly into, ferries to get to the islands or cruise ships at a variety of ports. The main airport most people fly into is Athens. Of the 18 UNESO Heritage sites throughout Greece, you want to visit while in Athens are the Acropolis, the Parthenon Temple, Temple of Olympia, the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum. Visiting such sites and museums will give you a glimpse into their past. To enjoy those sites allow yourself about two days to enjoy. One important thing to remember while traveling throughout Greece the terrain will be uneven and could be rocky with a lot of stairs and steep paths so anyone with mobility issues may find it difficult to walk and get around. It is also recommended to wear comfortable shoes.

After you have visited Athens, you can move on toward Delphi, stopping along the way to visit such cities as Thebei, Levadia and Arachova situated on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. Arriving at Delphi a must see is the Archaeological site of the fourth century BC. From there before night fall arrive in Kalambaka to stay overnight. The next day be adventurous and visit Meteora where the Monasteries are sitting on top of the high rocks and cliffs. You will have to walk up a lot of stairs so be careful but well worth the time to visit these ancient historical and religious sites. After this amazing site, make your way back to Athens and then we will go in a different direction.

Photo provided by Susan Eliuk - Mykonos Greece

The next day from Athens we are going to hop on the ferry and make our journey towards the island of Mykonos in the beautiful Aegean Sea, to see their beautiful beaches, lively atmosphere, whitewashed cubic houses, winding narrow street, visit the Paraportian church and stop in Little Venice for a drink. After a couple of days we will go by ferry to Santorini known as the romantic island, where many will have their Destination Weddings because of the views and amazing sunsets. The most famous village you want to visit is Oia known for their white building and blue roof tops. There are many extra tours you can take so don’t miss out visiting their black beach Perissa, a boat ride to visit a volcano and the hot springs you can swim to from the boat.

Photo provided by Susan Eliuk - Santorini Island

With Greece you can-do island-hopping tours to see other amazing islands such as Crete, the birthplace of Zeus, their produce is sensational, the drives memorable around the coast and world class golfing. Corfu another amazing island with its Venetian, French and British influences throughout the island seeing such colors as straw yellow with pastel pinks and orange.

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Kefalona is one island perhaps you may not hear much of but one not to be overlooked for its beauty especially if you are a nature lover. It has breathtaking views from their cliffs, exotic aqua blue waters into the deep blue color, picturesque villages, fresh seafood, delicious foods and lively atmosphere, yet a calmness that there is a serenity effect on you. One of the most famous beaches on this island and in Europe is Myrtos, which looks good in your pictures but much more breathtaking when you are actually there seeing it with your own eyes from on top and down at beach level. This island is one of the largest in Greece and located in the Ionian Sea.

Photo provided by Susan Eliuk - . Myrtos Beach

The best time to visit Greece is between April to October, July and August being the busiest months so if you want to avoid the crowd visit between April and June or pick islands that are not as popular. The drink to try is Ouzo, which many will do a toast with or have shots before a meal or afterwards. A definite as well is their famous Greek coffee not like ours to sip on during the hot summer months. Enjoy their desserts and we can’t overlook their fresh seafood. When I was there, we had roasted tuna caught that morning and calamari that you could cut like butter. That meal was amazing along with our vegetarian options. There are lots of options for different dietary restrictions, all you have to do is ask and they will accommodate you, if it is not on the menu. There will be nothing lacking in your wonderful trip exploring the islands and the mainland of the beautiful country of Greece.


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