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Weddings - Destination Wedding Maybe?

Congratulations! You are both engaged. How wonderful! Weddings are so special and each couple wants to have their own unique wedding to show their personalities and flair. There is so much out there to offer for weddings. How do you choose?

Photo provided by Susan Eliuk - Majestic Costa Mujeres

One way that makes it easier and less overwhelming is a Destination Wedding. Working with a Travel Agent, that is a Destination Wedding Specialist, takes the stress out of finding that perfect destination. They are going to ask very specific questions, to get to know you as a couple so they can recommend that just right resort for you both.

How do you narrow down a destination of choice? First, think of a budget. Ask yourself if I was to go on an enjoyable vacation with fantastic food and have great service, how much would it cost? That is what you need to think of because you have your family and friends wanting to come with you and it will be their vacation too. Consider your guests - what they would like to do on their vacation? Will this resort give them the options to enjoy. Keep in mind there is no shortage of amazing resorts out there that will be able offer such activities to all the guests.

Many couples sometimes choose adults only and that is fine. Many to choose from on any island destination of choice. Yet, many want their children or nieces or nephews to be part of their special day and that is perfect, multiply family friendly resorts to choose from with kids clubs so adults can have some alone time to spend together, plus the kids love playing with other kids. Parents don’t worry they are supervised clubs.

Majestic Resorts on Punta Cana have 3 resorts situated on the beautiful Bavaro Beach a long stretch of the white sand everyone enjoys. They have the Majestic Elegance, Mirage and the Colonial. I can’t forget to mention the one in Mexico, Elegance Costa Mujeres. They have many different locations to have your Special Wedding Day. You could choose the gazebo by the beach, the parkette on the beach or the sky terrace. There are no bad locations since your background will be stunning with the aquamarine Caribbean Ocean behind you.

These 5-star resorts offer top quality service, ocean view suites as well as being an all inclusive resort. They offer top pristine beaches, nature, personalized service, international gastronomy cuisine, spas, the Caribbean rhythm vibe to have sophisticated comforts to relax enjoy and have fun.

You can book your Destination Wedding through your Travel Agent and get a free wedding.

That's right a free wedding!

There is a minimum requirement to get all the trimmings for your special day. You still will have it your way with some choices that could be an extra fee along with having some honeymoon perks added to your stay with them. That would certainly ease the pressure of a wedding, wouldn’t you agree?

There many more benefits of having a Destination Wedding. If you are thinking of having on contact your Destination Wedding Specialist today!



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