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Bat 21 is better than I thought!!

So, I'm born in 1981… so you need to gimme a break on my Old School Movie Reviews…

Danny Glover and Gene Hackman in Bat 21 movie poster

I didn't go to film school, I don't have the persistence to write another Movie script.

But I ❤️ MOVIES!!! I really do!!! I love the theatre experience, I love the comfort on my couch or in a park… sitting down and watching a story for 90 min or so is the best way to spend my free time. In my opinion.

So Bat 21…. Gene Hackman and Danny Glover…

First off… Vietnam sucked and it was a shit sandwich served to everyone in the 60's. I haven't heard anything awesome about the Vietnam War whatsoever. Don't get me wrong. I want rare beef Pho as one of my last meals with extra Hoisin sauce and basil but War? What is it good for? Really.

Regardless of my political stance on the Vietnam War or not. This movie was so realistic, I felt lost and scared with Gene Hackman in the middle of the swamp trying to stay away from Charlie…

Gene was vulnerable and scared but he survived. Danny Glover's character was loyal, complicated and gorgeous. Why Danny Glover didn't get the cover of playgirl magazine is another argument for another time. That tall, dark and handsome drink of water could make me change my abstinence card in a New York minute. But I digress.

I recommend Bat 21 very much available on Amazon Prime or whatever streaming, pirating or DVD store you can find.

Gene Hackman is more than the villainous Lex Luthor I grew up with. He is an incredible actor and I look forward to watching more of his movies that I'd never heard of.

Danny Glover has never had a bad role except for Beloved and I blame Oprah for even trying to make that film.

Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon has been a loveable character my entire life. But his role in Bat 21 was so heroic and motivating. I almost wanted to sign up to get my pilots licence that night!

Carrie Anne Stephenson Newsload Correspondent

Fortunately when I drink I hide my VISA card now… I've learned that drunk Carrie has no financial responsibilities whatsoever…. So no flying lessons for now…

Please check out Bat 21. If you like old-school Vietnam War movies with excellent writing and gritty, honest character development. You will thank me.

Farewell my Silver Screen Fans! Until next time.


(The attempted film buff but who knows nowadays amirite?)

Newsload Correspondent

London, Ontario

Danny Glover and Gene Hackman in Bat 21

Gene Hackman and Danny Glover movie poster for Bat 21


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