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That's the Power of Radio

Updated: May 16, 2023

Radio Host and Play-by-Play Announcer Mike Stubbs on singing in the car, how he loves to work in a car wash and the true power of radio.

It was real treat to meet Mike Stubbs who has become such a local icon over the decades he's been in the radio/play by play business. He loves hockey, but what else became very clear was that he loves London and takes a lot of pride in the moments he gets to represent it.

Newsload's Carrie Anne Stephenson and CFPL's Mike Stubbs during their interview

If you have gone to see a Knights game, pretty much anywhere at any time, you will have heard Mike's voice calling the plays. And if you listen to the radio in this town you may have heard him on CFPL interviewing newsmakers from across the country and world.


Through this wide ranging interview Mike addresses many things not included in the above report. Those segments will be released overtime as shorts. As they are, links to them will be included here. Thank you for watching and subscribing!

Newsload's Carrie Anne Stephenson and CFPL's Mike Stubbs smiling ot he camera holding a photoshoped signed guitar that says Newsload


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