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The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas - Movie Review

Burt Reynolds naked on a bear skin rug

So, First off… Dolly Parton is incredible!!!

Her dresses, her voice, her confidence.

She is a role model. Being comfortable in her sexuality. Being fully aware that she is stunning but still sweet. Aaaand she gives away free books for any kid that wants one!

She seems like a God fearing lady but not afraid of rude, judgemental critics.

A southern Belle that Dolly

I love glorified prostitution. Pretty woman, Moulin Rouge, Playboy, Pussycat dolls. They are the best girls with no shame or fears of their sexuality and I think that's courageous!

The songs in the movie are adorable. The girls and dancers are delightful and discussing legalised prostitution is still something we should consider, frankly. I'm a feminist and I believe in keeping girls safe. All Ages, race, size and shapes deserve love. Hell, in Europe the disabled get 4 visits a year for free!!! Now that's a happy ending for all.

Offering a safe place for ladies of the night (the oldest profession) I think could help a lot of single mothers. Part time and safe with security and a schedule. It would be honest work, really. And the customers would be very aware of their options with no misunderstandings. Unlike Tinder, where it's practically the wild west online!!! Legalised prostitution could save marriages all over Canada! What d'ya say Trudeau? Give the whores some comfort and protection eh? Not everyone likes backseat blowjobs. Anyways, I digress…

Ah, Burt Reynolds…. The most beautiful man in my life.

His fuzzy chest and moustache is everything and then he waddles like a duck within 5 min in his boxers with his pants around his ankles… A dream came true. Burt Reynolds.

Putting two bowling balls in a marble bag was the best line to describe a snap on thong.

Then… they break into a song about sneaking around!!!

It's an absolutely adorable movie!!!

I didn't know Burt Reynolds could sing!!!

Why can't we relax like the 80's huh?

Texas seemed fun back in the day if you were straight, white and polite. Now I bet I'd get shot if I asked for a salad 🥗

The sets and costumes are phenomenal!!!

Dolly and Burt are delightful together.

I adore both of them. They even had a great argument that was so realistic, I thought they genuinely were having a lover's quarrel.

Burt Reynolds' heartfelt request to the governor to save the whorehouse was Oscar worthy!!!

Hold up… "I will always love you" song isn't originally a Whitney Houston song?? It's a remake? That song is from this movie??? Mind-blowing. I'm flabbergasted.

What an ending! I got goosebumps!!!

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is a charming movie that is romantic, sweet, funny, sexy and loveable!!!

I'm thinking of hiring a psychic to see how Burt Reynolds is doing in heaven and maybe he can haunt my dreams later eh?

If you're looking for an adorable, light hearted comedy. And you love Dolly as much as I do and wack off to Burt Reynolds regularly… you should watch this movie. This movie is adorable and so is Dolly Parton.

I finished myself off. Thanks Anyways,

Carrie Anne Stephenson

Carrie Anne Stephenson

Burt Reynolds Fan, Dolly Parton obsessed.

Newsload Correspondent


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