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Comedy Campaign Coverage

We interview politicians, if they're brave enough, and aspiring politicians, if they're bold enough, in a fun, enlightening and lightly grotesque way.

Aj Jarvis and Kelly Elliott during the Newsload's 2022 Mayoral campaign interview

When we say we're more interested in reaching out, than reach arounds, we mean it. While in politics, many like to focus only on their "base", the Newsload believes, especially in politics, you need to reach everyone. If you agree to a Newsload interview, you can.

Liars use fear to motivate clicks. Truth tellers use funny.

Comedy is an, as yet, underutilized tool, honourable politicians can use to get attention online. Those politicians out there who love to lie, often use fear mongering to draw clicks and votes. The Newsload is how truth tellers can flip-the-script and use the opposite of fear, funny, for clicks and votes. Now, we know nothing is that simple, and there are exceptions to every rule, but if I wrote an entire essay you wouldn't read it. So, the proof is in the pudding.

Comedy Campaign Coverage is a brand new Newsload broadcast, useful to politicians who have come to understand that the political landscape hasn't just changed, it's been completely transformed by social media. We see it online everyday - trolling, baiting, threats, intimidation and bullying, all to make good people abandon the stage so that the liars can dominate conversations and recruit fence sitters.

The Newsload provides an easy, fun way to flip-the-script.

Comedy Campaign Coverage is an approach that can be used to counterbalance political fear mongering by using funny to get attention online. We'll offer our coverage to any politician, but it's only the ones who have truth in their corner that'll it work for. That's the special nature of comedy. In the same way fear doesn't work well for the good guys, funny doesn't work well for the bad guys - it's why trolls hate comedians so much.

Ever hear the expression, "it's funny because it's true?"

AJ Jarvis in a Newsload ad promoting Newsload now on Uhive

Why You Should Be Interested in a Newsload Interview:

We'll get some attention on your campaign. Knowing this new political environment, we'll leverage the comedy our improvisors deliver to get eyeballs and ears interested in you and your message. And they won't just be the people always interested. It'll also be people who have tuned out. Here's why your campaign should consider it:

  • The Newsload will actively promote your content to build our viewer base, indirectly promoting you.

  • You get to humanize yourself. Show what you're like over a beer, as they say.

  • You'll get help short circuiting criticisms, especially those based on ignorance.

  • You'll get a ton of social media content including photos and videos you can share to your supporters.

What kind of content? See a sample here, but if its a list you're after here it is. Depending on the project you may see more or less then what's mentioned:

  • An optimized blog with all our content featuring you.

  • A comedic report, anywhere from 3-10 minutes.

  • A comedic interview, anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

  • A dozen photos taken during the primary shoot.

  • Snippet videos using content that didn't make final cut.

Nowadays all attention is good attention. Even the stuff that would have sunk campaigns in the past can be turned into positive tools that can be used to drive familiarity and loyalty from new voters online. This new space, where you can distance yourself from, or take ownership of, the gags our improvisors come up with, will allow you to turn anything, even the most controversial stuff, into activity online that YOU can leverage into followers and votes.

To be clear - we are not part of anyone's campaign - we will maintain our journalistic distance at all times - but the content we produce to help promote the Newsload is content you can use to get votes - if you're smart about it.

How does it work? If you need to blame us, blame us. If you need to own it, own it. Bottom-line, we provide tools and attention YOU can use to leverage a win in your race and become a leader. That said, you'll need grit, tenacity and fortitude to make it work.

We're not journalists, we're comedic journalists - a hybrid where all journalism rules apply with some caveats.

Here are the basics:

  • You have our good faith commitment to treat you fairly.

  • You do not get to know our questions ahead of time.

  • You do not get editorial control over the content we produce.

  • You do get to review the content, before it is publicized.

  • You do get to work with our improvisors to produce gags.

AJ Jarvis (right) & Kelly Elliott (left) having some fun at The Dorchester Golf and Country Club

And that's it. We're not ideological. Our loyalty is to the truth and comedy. Our goal is to help politicians and candidates help their communities. We're a business built on the talent of local improvisors, videographers and journalists. By supporting us you are supporting the arts, visual creatives and democracy itself.

Please reach out for more information. You can also use this link to set up a zoom meeting. Thank you for your interest!


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